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"Did that hurt?"

I finally got it done! Wewtttttttttttttttttt!

Ok, I've been wanting to get an eyebrow piercing for a long time (since I was about 11), but there's always been quite a bit, okay, a lot of parental disapproval. But that all changed. Back in April, I offered to get a blood test done on my own free will in exchange for permission to get my eyebrow piercing. I have severe needlephobia and panic disorder, so blood tests don't go down with me too well. I decided to suck it up for one day and just get it over with. And I did. I almost fainted and pulled a total Heroin Bob (being restrained is NOT fun), but I got it done XD

I went in to Rising Sun on August 15th with a friend who was supposed to film it. We had about twenty minutes to kill, so we sorta wandered around, looked at all the jewelry, started talking about all the other things we wanted to get pierced but probably never will, and waited until she called for me. When Laura, the piercer, finally came out, she brought out a tray of rings. I chose the second smallest surgical steel silver ring which turned out to be a 16g. It's just a simple silver metal ring with a black captive bead. They had colored ones, but they cost a little bit more, so I decided against it.

When it was time to go in, I asked if my friend could get a video of it. And, as something always has to go wrong in a plan, she was denied. Being the wonderful (and anxious) friend I am, I left her stranded in the waiting room x]

Laura took me to a room with a dentist-like chair. She cleaned my eyebrow off and marked the spots. I didn't like the placement (too far near the edge), so we fixed it up. She put on the creepy surgical gloves and pulled the needle out of it's packaging. She told me to look straight ahead and take a deep breath, which happened to be the longest breath I've ever breathed. I held my breath for as long as I could. In the meantime, I found myself staring at her nose ring, wondering how awesome that would look on me XD

As I exhaled, I felt a sharp poke, like a really hard pinch. I could feel her pushing the needle through, all the skin being stabbed underneath. Ew. That's a feeling I never want to experience again. It was over in about five seconds. I opened my eyes a little bit and saw the needle still hanging out of my face O_o I shut them again and she started to put the ring in. She told me to sit still while she snapped the ball on with pliers. After it was all over, I was a little lightheaded and on a total piercing high. I couldn't stop laughing. I thanked her (probably too many times) and went to go get it paid for. My friend took a picture, I got my care and cleaning info, and we started back for home, stopping off at Shoppers to find a bottle of Bactine.

It kinda hurts to get it snagged on things, and I made cleaning it a rather large ordeal for the first few days, but it's a great piercing. If you want it, go for it. It hardly hurts to get done, it's easy to clean and keep infection out of and it looks awesome. My only warning it to not get it pierced with a ring at first. It's a bit awkward, it snags a lot, and it sticks off your face pretty far. I can't wait to be able to change it out to a barbell.


  • Clean it out at least twice a day.

  • Sleep on the opposite side it's pierced on.

  • Use Bactine to clean it.

  • Clean it out after swimming, lest it get red and gross.

  • Wash your hands before cleaning the piercing or handling it.

  • Clean it after working out.

  • Get it pierced with a barbell if possible.

  • Change your pillowcase every few days. Oil and germs build up on it, which isn't too great for a fresh piercing to be exposed to for eight hours.


  • Use rubbing alcohol! It'll totally dry your skin out and slow the healing process.

  • Wear make-up around it.

  • Take the jewelry out when it's healing. It's nearly impossible to put back in.

  • Pierce it yourself.

  • Obsessively touch and pull at your ring. Yeah, we know, you just got it pierced, but infections aren't attractive O_o

*Worry about it getting pierced. It's not nearly as bad as you've convinced yourself it will be.

So...yeah. There's my experience, cliche reassuring end and all. Want it? Go for it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Laura
Studio: Rising+Sun
Location: Regina%2C+Sask.

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