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I have been getting pierced since I was about nine years old. Doing most of them myself, I knew i should start seeing a profession for more extreme piercings that needed a lot more skill. I have always envied those who perceive beauty in a diverse way, and that is why i believe i went for piercings that were very unusual to the public eye. I have had over 28 piercings and was tired of the old tongue and belly button deal. I was looking more into surface piercings one day on BME. Although I have only had one previous to this experience, I felt as if I were already addicted to something not many would consider.

I stumbled upon the anti-eyebrow, and took a couple of weeks to think about it and do my research since it was on my face and would have to think long and hard about migration. It was sincerely beautiful and sheer awesome. I have never seen anyone else around my town with one so I figured I would let Amy Jo at the House of Pain in Creston, IA try this one on me.

I went into her shop and have been asking about it for a while. She was a bit skeptical on it because she has never pierced in that part of the face before, which was understandable. She decided it was a go. I got totally pumped, but nervous because I don't usually go all out on my face.

The next day, Brianne and I met up at her shop. She came along because she always wanted one but was being a total pansy about it, so i was going to show her what this was all about, haha. Amy let me pick out the jewelry, and I decided on a small curved barbell probably because I have never seen it done with a surface bar and figured I would try it. She got everything sterilized and ready to go. I sat in the chair, propped up and full of adrenaline.

I have been through these procedures plenty and felt very comfortable with my choice of piercer, her being probably the only one I have ever been to. She is very outgoing and hilarious so she kept my mood up while she prepared and brainstormed. Brianne on-looked the whole process as she always does with no facial expressions, haha. I usually have her hold my hand, who knows why, but this time I decided to do this one on my own. Amy marked where she figured the piercing looked best, which was right below and parallel to my right eye. We had to position it just right because of my freckle in the middle of barbell. After that she let me view the purple dots underneath my eye. I believed it was also the best place to put it. The worst part was when she pinched me with the clamps for about 10 minutes, trying to get the right amount of skin and angle.

After she approved, she proceeded. She has this awesome numbing spray which I highly suggested since it was my first surface face piercing. She sprayed some of it on my face and the needle, placed the clamps, and eyed it one more time. She doesn't normally do the one-two-three count with me because I'm sure I know what to expect. So there goes the needle without warning. I was amazed at how little the pain was, thinking it would be a lot of pressure. All i felt was the needle pierce each layer of skin and barely felt her put the jewelry in place. She cleaned it up a bit and it barely bled at all.

Finally, I jumped up in glee and checked it out in the mirror. It was the most gorgeous piercing I think I have ever had, and one of the best experiences as well. I am so proud of how brave she was, as well as myself, haha. Brianne of course, wants hers done now, so I told her to go for it, but she still refused. Being somewhat of an experimental piercing Amy didn't charge me, which didn't bother me. I still would have paid her for the success.

Three days later, my piercing looks amazing. It got a little crusty, bruised, and swelled for the most part. But with a bit of pain reliever it has started to reduce. It is somewhat hard to sleep on the right side of my face, but it will subside in a week or two she said. The only thing that sucked about the whole deal was my shitty cold right afterwards.

I would suggest this piercing to anyone who is interested in surfaces and unusual body mods. I believe it is the least painful I have had so far. Amy Jo is a great and experienced piercer and she makes most feel comfortable. For anyone visiting, stop by her shop just to check it out because it would be well worth it. Feel free to contact me for any questions. Good luck and thanks bunches for reading!


submitted by: BrittneyButtface
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Amy+Jo+Trinkle
Studio: House+of+Pain
Location: Creston%2C+IA

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