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My first facial piercing - eyebrow. (and how it went a bit wonky)

For a really long time I've wanted a facial piercing. About two years back I wanted my lip done, but then it became a bit of a craze and quite a few people I knew got lip piercings. After really thinking about it, I decided I wanted something different that no-one else had. In my head I started imagining all sorts of crazy and extreme piercings that would shock people, but I faced the problems that many other teens face - parents and school. My school has recently changed the rules from 'No Facial Piercings' to 'No Facial Piercings Unless You Put One Of Those Really Horrible Retainer Things In Them.'
But I suppose it's better than nothing.

However, that rule got in the way a bit, because you can't put those retainers in a lot of surface piercings, and I was really stuck on what to have done. It was hard enough convincing my parents to let me get my ears pierced. Quite annoying.

After loads of thinking, I'd finally decided to get my eyebrow pierced. It didn't quite have the shock factor I wanted in a piercing but I guess I'll have to wait until I'm sixteen for one like that. The reasons for my choice were: -I don't know any other girls with an eyebrow piercing. -Everyone's always said it would suit me. -You can put a retainer in it. -I think eyebrow piercings are hot. -I actually got my parents to agree.

I decided to go to Emerald Tattoos in Attleborough because it's the nearest piercing place to me and I know it's clean and they know what they're doing there. I turned up and a new guy who was quite young asked me what I wanted done, and I said eyebrow. He turned round and asked this kid (who i thought was in there to get a piercing too) to set up for him. Seriously this kid couldn't have been any older than me. So I was a little bit worried. The guy was pretty friendly though and was chatting to me & this other woman in there while my mum filled out a form, which I then had to sign.

He asked me where I wanted it and I said I didn't want it right on the end of my eyebrow, because I thought it would suit the shape of my eyebrow and face to have it done just next to the arch, so he dotted on in ink on my face and then asked me if that was okay. It wasn't QUITE where I wanted it, but I was too embarrassed to say so, so I just said it was fine. It was pretty much right anyway.

When it was set up I had to go round the corner into this little bit which was kind of away from the entrance so I didn't have people staring in the window while I got pierced. Then I sat down on the chair opposite the guy and he told me he was going to put a shorter barbell in my eyebrow than he usually does on people because I am "quite dainty". (ie I'm REALLY small for my age) Then i chose which color barbell, I went for ice blue. I thought it would go with a lot of things because it's not quite blue and not quite silver. The problem was he kept laughing because this huge woman had walked in wearing the pinkest nastiest tracksuit I have ever seen, and a big gold horse medallion thing and her hair scraped right back. And we started joking about her and the kid who had set up came in and was like "ssh she's round the corner"
So then I felt really bad and was like "oops she's probably going to knife me now" and the guy just couldn't stop laughing. In the end I sort of had to go "Right you're now about to pierce my face and if it goes dodgy because you were laughing at some chav then I won't be pleased" But then he found that even more funny and he kept having to stop and laugh while he was disinfecting my eyebrow.

Anyway, after he'd recovered from that, he clamped it up, and said "shut your eyes if you can", which was difficult because of the clamp so I sort of half-closed them. I probably looked pretty stupid.

And then I don't really know what happened after that, my eyes were half closed. It felt like he put something hot on it, then just stuck the needle through. It went in pretty slowly and hurt a little bit but mainly it just felt weird. Then he took the needle out, put the barbell in, cut the top of the barbell off and screwed the ball on.

Then he gave me some piercing solution stuff, told me to dab the top of my piercing with it using one end of a cotton bud, the use the other end to clean the bottom and to not use the same bit of cotton bud to clean the top & bottom of my piercing. If that makes sense.

It was all pretty quick, then I went over to the mirror and had a look and I think it looks awesome! I actually well love it and i can't stop looking at it, every time I'm near a mirror. The only problem is, is that it seems that the top ball on the barbell is really close to the top of my eyebrow, and the bottom ball on the barbell is really low down, close to my eye.

I still love it though, and it's probably supposed to be like that. I guess I've been looking at it too much.

I've been keeping it clean and the swelling's gone down, and i've had no problems with it so far, it's not sore and doesn't hurt to sleep on. Yay!

^me looking a bit smug with my new eyebrow piercing :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: He+didn%27t+say+his+name.
Studio: Emerald+Tattoos.
Location: Attleborough%2C+England%2C

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