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My first body modification

Here I was, standing in the studio with a Beaming smile, it's finally going to happen! Rewind to about four weeks ago I was boarding a series of planes to eventually get to Upton park, London to stay with my dad. I'm from London but I moved to Tallahassee, Florida a few years ago to live with my mum for numerous reasons. Well for months I wanted to get a piercing and decided that it was going to be on my eyebrow since anywhere on my ear seemed to cliche, lips didn't appeal to me, a tongue seemed like something to do as a second piercing, I don't walk around bare chested so nipples were ruled out as well as genital piercings for similar reasons and I assumed a piercing anywhere on my nose wouldn't look good on my face (I'm a pretty vain guy). I decided to get the piercing in London because I spend most of my time puffing on a bowl in Camden town and I thought I could just drop into a piercing studio and get a hole put in me in a few minutes and I was sure that my mum would get severely pissed so I figured that if I got the eyebrow in London someone would tell her about it before I arrived in Florida so she'd have some time to cool down.

So fast forward to my last day in London I woke up early in the morning and decided to get a haircut because for some reason I always feel very self conscious in airports, afterwards instead of going to Camden town I decided to go to a studio in Gants hill because I wanted to say my good-byes to a few friends I made during my short time in Valentine's high school a couple of years ago. When I arrived at the small essex studio I was told by the receptionist to come back in about an hour as the only artist was working on a huge tattoo, I called the friends I knew who lived very close and the only one that I could get a hold of was in the public library down the road so I ended up reading a few chapters of a very interesting book about jack the ripper. Later on I went back to the studio and started to fill out a form which turned out to be wasted time as I found out that I had left my only credible form of I.D (Driver's license) at home so I stormed back to Upton park to pick up the license but saw some humor after I thought of how much trouble I was going through to have two holes punched into my skin. After that I decided to just go to Camden town for the piercing since I wanted to buy a couple of things before I left, I boarded the district line to embankment which took a long time which never bothered me until that day and then I took the unusually overcrowded Northern line to Camden town. Finally I stepped on the escalator and was encountered by the familiar and very stress relieving gust of wind that I'm always greeted with on my way up, I stepped out of Camden town underground station through the first exit since I wanted to pick up a lamb kebab and ginger beer around the corner from Camden high street after remembering many people's advice to me not to get pierced on an empty stomach.

After my meal I walked over to Camden high street and randomly picked a studio called "Chrome" and walked downstairs, first I looked around at the jewelery to see if I wanted anything special and then realized that I could get a tattoo since they started at £40 but since I wanted to buy a pair of shoes afterwards I chose to go with the original plan. I walked up to the counter which behind it had a nice tatted up blonde who was a huge turn-on due to my addiction to tattooed women, I told her I wanted an eyebrow piercing and she handed me a pen and a form which I filled out, returned and showed her my I.D then paid and got a receipt. The receptionist then called a beautiful brunette (Her handwriting on an aftercare slip she gave me isn't very legible but I assume it says Carrie) over who led me to a clean room at yet another level of the building. She had me sit down then washed her hands, put on gloves and she then pulled a needle and jewelery out of a packet, laid them on a paper towel and asked me which eyebrow I wanted pierced. She pulled a sharpie out of her pocket and put two dots on either side of my eyebrow and asked me to look into a mirror to see if I was satisfied with the points before she disinfected my whole eyebrow. Then I had to close my eyes before she slowly pushed the needle through the marked points (Felt good to me and there wasn't a drop of blood) then she put and screwed the jewelery in. I looked in the mirror and it looked brilliant, even better than I could ever imagine. Later on when I got back to his apartment my dad went fucking psycho about the little 16G piece of metal embedded in my eyebrow even though he couldn't come up with a reason for why he thought it was wrong but he only had a few hours with me to bitch and surprisingly my mum really doesn't give a shit about it. Now I'm thinking of a second piercing, maybe a labret, industrial or a tattoo but that would take many months to decide on since I want a unique or rarely done tattoo. Any suggestions?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Carrie
Studio: Chrome
Location: 229+Camden+High+St%2C+London

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