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micro dermals

 Well I had just gotten my tax return. My sister and I had planned on going to Las Vegas together for awhile. I had never been. My sister is a certified body piercer out there and knows alot of people. Her and I had talked about how I wanted to get two anti eyebrow micro dermals. She had told me about her friend Tony who does them and lives out there. I had met him in Phillidelphia six weeks before at a convention. She called him asked him about doing my micro dermals. He said for us to come on out. Once all the arrangements were made it was off to Las Vegas.

I had never been on a plane before. I was estatic to be leaving boring Indiana and going to Las Vegas. The plane ride wasn't to bad a little rocky but i guess that's normal. I got lost in Atlanta's airport, talk about nerve recking. I found my gate after a hour or so of wondering around. It was about midnight when my plane landed. I got to see the strip comming in. It was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. My sister had arrived two hours before I did so she sent one of her tattoo artist friends named Brian to pick me up at the airport. Once he picked me he drove me down the strip and took me to meet up with my sister. I got the rest of my luggage from my sister, and was ready to explore. I had a big day ahead of me so I just decided i was better off getting some rest. Afterall, I had a few days to see everything. Brian and I went back to his house so we could get some sleep.

The next day Brian had to work at Inkville so I went along with him and kept him company while he opened the shop. I called my siter and today was the day. She came picked me up from the tattoo shop. We went to Bad Apple Tattoo and Percious Slut to pick up the jewlery and needles I needed to get them done.

Later that night we went to Tony house. Once we got there he started setting up as i was preparing myself. He put on gloves. He set up his work area with green soap, needles, jewlery and hemostats. He put the jewlery on the hemostats. He marked face where the micro dermals were going to be placed. He cleaned the area on my face with green soap where the first one was going to be placed. He needle and made the pocket for the jewlery and literally popped the jewlery in. The sound it made when the jewlery popped into place was loud or at least to me it was. I was surpised that it didn't hurt more than it did. The second one was done just like the first. I was so happy to see the end result. Once he explained the after care I was off to enjoy the rest of my time in Vegas. Which i spent most of my time hanging out with Brian at Inkville, or his house with his reptile petting zoo. I did not care where I was. I was just happy to be there.

It was only a matter of of four months before i had to have one of them removed. It was infected or irrated or something. I think it was because I slept on that side of my face. I got it removed at a local hospital. It seemed like every doctor in the hospital had to come and see it and ask a ton of questions before i got it removed. Not to mention took like ten x-rays of my face. I guess thats what should have been expected from a small town hospital in redneck Indiana. It took twice as long to get it scapled out of my face then it did to put it in. The doctor insisted on putting in a stich as if it wasn't going to leave a scar anyway. I was sad but I can always get it put back in at a later date.

Now that its all said and done I am really glad to have gotten to experience it all. Tony was very professional and clean. I wish I could have kept them both but I am still happy with just one. It is a constant reminder to me of one of the best times I have ever had, the great people I got to meet, and how awesome it is to have a sister like mine. I am looking foreward to getting more in the future. In my mind there was nothing anybody could do to make my experience any better.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Location: las+vegas+nevada

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