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Eyebrow ring of DOOM

About 3 years ago, I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced so badly. My parents agreed to take me, since I was only 15, and we went to Greenwich Village. Little did we know that they had recently passed that law, where even if you're with a parent, you cannot get any body modifications untill your 18. So we went from place to place until we found someone who didn't care. Finally we did, and I was a little weary, because the guy who was piercing me looked like he was high. I didn't know much about the sterilization process than or any of that, so I didn't realize he hadn't properly sterilized his needle.. until I looked back a couple years later. He didn't use a clamp, which i thought was weird, and I feel he made the piercing way too deep. And it felt like the ring was squeezing the flesh in between the 2 spikes together. Needless to say, it never healed properly.

I loved my piercing, but there was one problem. It made it so difficult to find a job. Everytime I went on a job interview, I felt like they were staring at my piercing. One time I almost got a job, because my bangs were covering the piercing. But without thinking, I brushed my hair out of my face, and all of a sudden it was like her face just transformed into this nasty wince like she just sucked on a lemon. All of a sudden the interview just stopped short, and she said she'd call. Naturally, I never heard anything from them. I don't fully understand why body modifications are so misunderstood. I think they're beautiful. Most places don't hire you because they don't want you scaring people away. The only people I've ever met that actually discriminate against body modification are they employers, and average people, their customers, generally can care less. I've never personally met anyone that ran out of a store simply because one of the employees has a couple of piercings "out of the ordinary."

Anyway, 6 months, and the infection never went away. I mean, it didn't help much that I am constantly wrestling with my brother. Piercings and wrestling aren't a very good combination. I learnt this quickley. Unfortunately I didn't take this into consideration before I got the piercing. It didn't really cross my mind. Other than that little tid bit, I did take very good care of my piercing, but it just wouldn't get better. Probably because it was too tight, I had a feeling the ring was too tight. One day, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I tried to take it out, and it was jammed. I couldn't get it to unscrew. My brother finally came home, so I asked him for help. He was trying to unscrew it, but ended up ripping it out. Although honeslty, it was a huge relief. It hurt, yes, but it was such a relief!

Anyway, I was young and neither me or my parents understood much about body modifications or the sterilization process. As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure the guy sterilized the needle at all. Also, it's probably not a good idea to let a guy who looks like he just finished smoking a blunt stick a needle through flesh that's right above your eyebrow. It felt like he started sticking it in at first, and than said "oops." "Oops" is never something you want to hear. Especially when he has a sharp object right above my eye ball. I also learnt that using spikes in the beginning is not a good idea. They catch on to everything! Everytime I got dressed, did my hair, that eyebrow ring would catch on to something and it hurt everytime. But not to fear! I did not let this nasty little experience spoil my love for piercings! Now I have several more! And soon, I am planning on repiercing my eyebrow. Everytime I see someone with an eyebrow ring I get jealous and miss my eyebrow ring! It felt like part of my face after a while. A part of my face that always hurt.. but a part of me, none the less.

Suprisingly, I didn't scar too badly from the piercing. As a matter of fact, theres barely a scar left at all. That suprised me because I've seen people who got their eyebrow rings ripped out and they have obvious scars. Any way, I am getting my eyebrow pierced pretty soon. I want two piercings right next to eachother, but i'm not so sure getting two at the same time is such a good idea, for maintanance purposes, considering my history with the previous eyebrow piercings. If anyone can give me their opinion on that, that'll be great. Anyway, this is where my story ends, for now!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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