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A Most Awaited Piercing.

So I have wanted to have my bridge pierced ever since I first saw one several years ago. I can't remember where I saw it, but I do remember it was on a girl, and I thought it was the sexiest piercing I have ever seen. Ever since I wanted one for myself, but never got round to doing it. So several years passed and I had put the piercing to the back of my mind, like so many other piercings I had seen and liked at the time, until about 7 months ago I started to get myself pierced more and more often, and the bridge instantly came back into my mind. Since then I have been thinking about getting it done more and more frequently, but for some reason, I never did. It was nothing to do with the pain, that doesn't bother me, I think it was just the fact it is a so 'in your face' piercing, I kept decided to hold off, and kept getting several other piercings instead. This all changed a week ago, on a trip to Urban Piercings to get my second surface piercing put in, I decided that for once and for all I was going to get my bridge done. After running some errands in Reading I made my way over to the studio, and spoke to the woman at the front desk (I never can remember her name sadly...), after asking her if I could have my first surface changed to a metal bar (not yet, needs to heal further) I told her I wanted my bridge and a second surface done, filled out the forms, paid my £54.00 (not bad as it was for two piercings) and sat down upstairs. After waiting up there on my own for around 10 minutes Adam came out and asked me to come in and sit down on the bench, a bench that I have become much accustomed to over the past months. Alas not all was going to go to plan today.... Sadly Adam was not feeling 100% and had a headache so as the bridge piercing needed careful placement to make sure I was exactly in the right place we decided that I would come back later in the week to have that done, and I just got the surface done instead. Cut to the following Friday. Having been on nights at work recently, I got up later than I had wanted to and didn't make it to the studio until around 12, Adam was sitting at the desk and asked me if I was in for my bridge, 'yes', and told me to go upstairs. Not five minutes later he came up and went into the piercing room, put some gloves on and asked me to come in and sit down. So marking up my bridge didn't take as long as I had expected, about 10 minutes, he marked, wiped, re-marked, wiped, and re-marked again. Eventually he seemed happy with what he had and asked me to look in the mirror to see if I was too. I thought that the marks were slightly too far to the right, so I sat down again, and we went through the process again. Second time round. Perfect! Happy with the marks he then went and changed his gloves and got to work opening up a new needle, cutting some new PTFE to length and screwing the ball to one end. The time had come for me to finally get the piercing I had wanted for so long, and after asking me to sit very still, and to close my eyes, the needle went in. And I felt it, not in a painful way, but I could actually feel the needle enter my bridge, travel through the skin, and come out the other side. I found this quite weird, I had never felt a piercing like that before, had always just felt a pinch, a touch of pain, and that's it. So anyway, he then screwed the other ball on and I opened my eyes. My eyes were watering, so I had to blink several times to be able to see again, I then stepped up to the mirror and took a look. Weird was my first thought. I wasn't too sure about the piercing at first, for about a minute, to a minute and a half I was staring in the mirror making faces and getting used to it. I knew I liked it, but it was still weird seeing it there. Adam asked me if I was sure I liked it, and I told him that yes, I'm sure I do, and thanks. After going through the usual aftercare stuff, and me asking him a few questions about other piercings (keloids on my ear), I left the studio with a smile and the usual immense adrenaline rush a new piercing brings me. About five minutes later I got my first stare from someone, an older lady who as I walked past stared between my eyes and gave me a disgusted look, oh well, the piercing is for me, not for her. It's two days later now, and the piercing is healing now, a few minimal crusties to deal with, but otherwise it's perfectly fine. I did feel a slight aching after I had it done, but that had gone within about 12 hours. And do I truly like it? Yes, I love it. It's one of my favourite piercings out of the 11 I have, the placement in my mind is perfect and it looks amazing, some of my friends dislike it, but to be honest, that doesn't matter much to me. And as far as work is concerned, when I wear my glasses you can only see it if you're looking for it, which is perfect. I recommend this piercing to everyone, it is in my opinion one of the sexiest piercings you can have, and amazing to get. Also if you are in the Reading area check out Urban Piercings, I have had all my piercings done there and they are fantastic. Bobbin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Adam
Studio: Urban+Piercings
Location: Reading%2C+UK

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