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14 years old. I love my eyebrow piercing.


Yesterday was my 14th birthday. Months before that I told my mother I wanted an eyebrow piercing, and yesterday she surprised me by stopping in front of Strange City, one of my city's best piercing studios. I was so excited, yet scared at the same time. I'm quite different from most girls, I never had my ears pierced and I don't think I ever will. I've never been fond of them, and was never bothered enough to go get them done. So I have never experienced any piercings before this one. I was really jumping into the experience by starting with a eyebrow one. I'm also a complete tom-boy, I ride bmx, I snowboard, and play rugby. I've taken really hard slams in each and every single one of them. And according to my sister a rugby game would be more painful than my eyebrow piercing. I really wasn't sure.

So it started with me sitting in the waiting room of Strange City with my mom and my sister. I was really nervous. My mom was filling out a information sheet, considering I wasn't aloud to get it without her. I signed my name on the sheet and then it was time for me to go in. First thing was first, I had to pick what color and size of bar and balls. There were spikes, these huge balls, and a whole bunch of other crazy things. I picked the most simple thing there. I decided on the smallest sized balls there, just plain silver. Then I met my piercer. She was only 19, a year older than my sister. She was really young for a full-time piercer. But she was really nice and understood why I was so nervous. She lead me into the room where I would be pierced. My sister and mom came with me. She sat me down on the bench and began to tell me about the cleaning and healing process.

Finally it was time to pierce my eyebrow. At this point I was really scared. She took a pen and drew two little dots where she though the piercing would look best. I thought I would look really good where she placed them, it wasn't quite on the end of my eyebrow, but they were just on the inside, the bottom dot was straight, and the top one was a bit to the right, so it was on a slight slant. I was really happy with it.

I was told to lay down on the bench with my eyes closed so nothing would get in them. The piercer told me everything that she would do so I wouldn't be shocked by anything. She said I would feel a wet cold feeling, it was disinfectant so my eyebrow was clean. I felt this for a while. Then she clamped my eyebrow. When I saw the clamps, they basically looked like scissors, just with clamps instead of blades. Then she clean my eyebrow again. She told me I would feel a small prick, this was the needle just entering my skin. Then she said the next part was the needle going through, before everything I asked her how much it would hurt. She gave me an honest answer, that it really depends on the person. It could hurt or it could be painless, it's different for everyone. As for me, it hurt. A lot. It wasn't the most painful thing I've ever experienced but it wasn't pleasant.

I was in a lot of pain for about a second, no joke, then there was a throbbing pain for about 3 seconds. So to all of you who are worried about pain, I can only tell you it hurt for me. It truly is different for every person. Even me who is getting hurt everyday still found it painful. It wasn't painful enough for me to cry, I said ouch four times well it was happening. According to my sister I bled a lot, according to the piercer I bled way more than most people. I could feel it run down my forehead at one point but I thought it was more disinfectant. She cleaned that up quickly, and as she pushed the needle through the rest of the needle, she pushed in the bar. When the needle came out the other end it felt really odd. She screwed on the little balls, and cleaned it up real quick, and it was over.

When it was over I was so happy. I felt so good, I had such a rush of adrenaline. I felt like a million dollars, It was actually the most wonderful feeling ever. I felt so proud of myself because I was so scared about the pain and just the whole piercing in general. I heard stories of people who get "addicted" to piercings because of that adrenaline after it's over. I can see why those people are like that now. The few seconds of pain, the fear, and the what will be few short weeks of cleaning, was completely worth the next many years of having this piercing. I'm so happy with it and excited. I almost got excited to go back to school to show everyone. If you are considering getting an eyebrow piercing, I say go for it. It's the greatest feeling ever. I think I would do that all again just for the feeling afterward.

P.S. I would like to thank my piercer for being so understanding and so nice, and going at my pace.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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