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My first facial piercing (eyebrow)

I started getting into body modification two years ago when I was 16. I liked the aesthetically pleasing shine of a well placed, well healed piercing and I decided that I wanted some of my own. I had just started college and they had no rules about appearances (well, piercing wise anyway...) and so my only obstacle was my mother. My dad lives in England so he really got no say in the matter. My mum was very typically against body piercing, it had been a fight to get my cartilage pierced and that's not even on my face. I, however, wanted a more obvious one, one I could show to the world.

After many, many hours of searching through bmezine I decided on an eyebrow piercing. It would be hidden enough by my glasses to appease my mum but obvious enough to suit me. My right eyebrow was chosen for two reasons, to balance out my single cartilage piercing in my left ear and because my right eyebrow was the one I use more in expressions and I figured that a well placed sparkle would only serve to highlight funny faces.

After ages of talking with my mum (I very reasonably answered all questions, showed her the pictures I chose of bmezine, showed her other peoples stories, and pictures of closed up piercing (she was worried about scaring)). For other teens in such a situation I would advise that you remain calm and explain the procedure, your particular reasons for wanting the piercing, you thoughts about body modification, and agree on any terms that surround you getting the piercing. Many parents respond well to a well thought out discussion and explanations opposed to a fit of teen angst (omg, my life is ruined, everyone else has one, etc...). Eventually she finally agreed to let me have it done, she was even going to pay for it! The deal was that it would be my only facial piercing (two years later I can rather conclusively state this rule did not last). So off we went to get my first hole done.

Here we only have one professional piercer (that I know of anyway) who works out of his tattoo studio. When I entered the studio I noticed it was very clean and well organised, I could see the autoclave in the loft upstairs and I asked him the basic questions (do you use the autoclave, do you use sterilised single use needles, what kind of jewellery do you use, etc...). After chatting about placement and such for a while I made the appointment for the following day. I spent the whole night alternatively being completely freaked out and changing my mind and being so exited I couldn't sleep.

The next morning I went to my classes, had lunch and at two my mum picked me up and took me down to the studio (about 10 minutes away from the college). I went in and we signed all the papers, I sat in the chair in the back room and he kept me calm with random chatter. He set everything up, changed his gloves, washed his hands, wiped my eyebrow with a sterilised cloth thing, marked the placement dots with a marker, changed his gloves, got the needle, I closed my eyes and with no warning whatsoever, through it went! I can honestly say it did not hurt at all. The worst part was when he put the jewellery in (a cbr, which I had chosen earlier) as it tugged slightly when it went though. It bled a little but then he let me sit up and I saw it in the mirror for the first time and couldn't help but smile. It was perfect!

The healing process went very smoothly, I just left it alone and rinsed it off and cleaned the crusties when I showered. Within six weeks it was almost completely healed and I went back to change the ring for a curved barbell so not to freak my dad out when he visited.

While I did have doubts before doing it, this experience was very smooth. I still have my eyebrow ring in two years later and have no intention of taking it out anytime soon. It hasn't migrated outwards at all which I attribute to having pierced it deeply. Next Wednesday I am getting another one next to it! As to the no facial piercing rule, by the next summer I had acquired four more earrings and a nose ring and currently I have seven piercing in each ear, the original eyebrow, my nostril and two side lip rings bringing the grand total to 18 piercings over two years and I do not regret a single one of them. If you are thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced, just do it, its cute, easy and painless. And totally worth it :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Johnathan
Studio: Soul+TouchTattoo
Location: Barbados

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