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A horizontal eyebrow please.

I had a hankering for a new piercing and was searching the web with something new in mind I have a few piercings (16 at the moment) and was going through BMEzine to have a proper look at what I could get. I had seen horizontal eyebrows on a couple of guy and thought they looked hot, so after a good look though I decided that a Horizontal eyebrow would look good on me and decided to go for that one.. Now the only problem was to find a new piercing studio as I have moved up to the dark satanic mills of Leeds, leaving London far behind and the welcoming doors of cold steel. I searched around on BMEzine and (enter fanfare music here) found Luke at physical poetry. So on my next day off I got a bus pass and took a trip to Hyde Park. The studio is on top of a rather interesting health food café ideal for pre piercing coffee. So I took a deep breath and in I went. I went up the stairs of physical poetry, dripping in rather cool graphics in gray and black as well, very cool. I managed to just get up the stairs with a bit of a duck at the top (turns out the lintel was lower than I thought and was greeted by the man himself (lovely guy). The place wasn't to busy which was nice and everything was very professional but friendly, there is a well used kettle where you can come for a cup of tea and chat about what you want. I explained what I was after with lots of pointing and Luke was very cool and asked questions and explained everything; did I want it inside the brow our just on top, what size did I want this sort of size might be nice, this what it will be like, difficulty of healing etc.. I decided on about 20mm and using PTFE as it was surface piercing it would heal bit better and in my job more suitable (I work as a support worker with adults with learning disabilities and have to move about a bit) we chatted a bit more about placements and pros and cons and Luke showed me his dermal anchor (very, very cool). He talked me through what happened there as I was very interested indeed. We then chatted about body modification and artist and the like.

Luke put the PTFE in to sterilize and I had a quick look through the flashes and used there toilet I asked if he wanted a deposit but he was nice and I didn't have to. A time was set for the deed to be done, and off I went to stuff my face with sweet things.

one can of Tizzer and a snickers (Marathon bars dam it!) latter I was ready to get a new piercing. I went back up the stairs filled out the forms and went into the piercing room. It was just the right size not to big not to small and nice and clean. Lots of cool graphics on the wall as well nice and cool, always good in my books. We chatted as he got the equipment ready; really put my mind at ease.

I got on the table and as usual didn't fit I was a bit brain-dead and took a while to work out I needed to bend my legs doh!. Luke did everything to put me at ease and was brilliant through out I like a bit of banter to put my mind at ease. He marked up where it would go and away we go. Deep breathe in and out and I was pierced.

It wasn't totally painless, but no more than a slight flick and quick as well so I didn't go woozy or anything. I. It took a couple of seconds to put the jewellery on and viola it was complete. I had a quick peek in the mirror and was much chuffed. I Luke was Brilliant as I have said putting me at ease and I'm really happy with the result. He is a very talented piercer and I saw a few of his other pieces including some scarification. Afterwards we chatted about looking after it and he made sure I was happy with it and then I paid up and it wasn't as expensive as I was expecting. I was happy with my experience at physical poetry in the capable hands of Luke went strolling through the park with a big grin on my face. I very much recommend this place was told I could just drop in for a cuppa if I'm in the area for a nice chat. I am now planning what else to get- I'm sure he said something about dermal anchors twinkle appears in eyes


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: luke
Studio: Physical+Poetry
Location: Leeds%2C+UK

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