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My Eyebrow Piercing Experience

This story is about my recent eyebrow piercing. I should mention that the way I did my piercing (i.e. not in a studio by a professional) is not recommended. I knew the high risks I was taking, and have made mistakes in the past, so I was very thorough and new what I was getting into. I recommend that everyone go to a professional for their piercing. If you have the slightest doubt, I advise you not to do it the way I did it and that you consult with professional. The risks I took could have ended in fatality and as such I recommend them to no one else.

That said, I have achieved tremendously positive results and I have learned quite a bit in the process. My piercing is not yet a day old, so I cannot say for certain that I will not encounter problems but things went smoothly, and in such a fashion that it was fairly equivalent, as regards results, as coming out of the piercing parlor.

To give you a bit of history let me tell you that I am 23 years of age. I have had my eyebrow pierced before, by a professional. It went well, but I was of a very young age, though it was legal, and my parents largely pressured me to remove it. I always regretted removing that beautiful piece of me. For the years, up until today, I felt very naked.

Recently, I found my love for piercing again and it was this love that helped me get to where I am. That being pierced!

I live in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. There really is not much for anything I consider my personal cultural needs. I was born in the city and I swear that I will again return to a city. There is only one person up here who does do body piercing and she is a general practice physician. As such she charges quite a bit as her time is very valuable.

I found myself very low on money and I worried that if the piercing got infected that it would be a complete waste. In addition, I tend to be a very impulsive person and very picky about certain things.

Piercing myself was a very personal experience and I wanted it done my way or not at all. It is an extension of me. It is the art of my face. I almost cannot put into words how seeing myself with my eyebrow pierced makes me feel good about myself.

I decided to research what tools I would need and how much they would cost me. This was a great experience in and of itself as I learned a vast amount about all piercing and what future modifications I'd like to see myself having.

I ended up getting a high quality 14 gauge surgical needle and a 14 gauge curved stainless steel bar bell. The kit, which I bought online, was labeled to be for a belly button, but I felt it would equally work for my eyebrow.

I researched and watched videos of professionals doing eyebrow piercing on people. It took me a while to get used to watching it, but eventually I desensitized to any blood or needles I saw. I then decided to purchase some insulin needles from the pharmacy for the purpose of anaesthetizing myself. I don't want to encourage anyone to mess around with injections and medications, that was the scariest part, and likely the stupidest part of what I did because if you aren't a medical professional you won't know the anatomy and the chemical structures and what to look for if something goes wrong. Thankfully, I do have a bit of medical knowledge and I was willing to risk it. I would never do this on any other person though.

So the day came when all my supplies were laid out on the table in front of me. I was quite nervous because I knew it would be a one person job. I knew that there were so many risks involved. I gathered my courage and got in front of the bathroom mirror.

The piercing process started by me "clamping" either side of the skin around where I was placing my piercing. I used big office paper clips/holders. This caused me a lot of pain, but it was pain I could handle. It also served as a useful distraction. In clamping the skin the fold where I would drive the needle through was now bulging out of my head.

I was in a lot of pain and it really did turn my stomach, just from the clamping. I again gathered my courage, took a drag of a cigarette (another no-no) and injected a small amount of the liquid anesthetic right into my entry point. The anesthetic I used was a local anesthetic used for common tooth aches. It was a huge risk as this medication wasn't even intended for injection and could have proved fatal or paralyzing. Again I took the risk, you should not.

I waited about a minute after the injection, which I did not even feel. The pain from the clamping was such a distraction I could not even tell that the insulin needle was in until I pulled it out and saw that I had put it in quite deep. After waiting the minute, I flicked the area of the piercing with my finger and felt it tingling and numb. I decided this would be the best I would get.

I then took my 14 gauge needle out of its sterilized container and used a small amount of petroleum jelly to lubricate it.

I took some deep breathes and in went the needle tip. I felt no pain because of the medicine and the distraction of the clamping. I found that with the area being so numb I couldn't tell if I was putting the needle through straight. I had to straighten the needle out by looking in the mirror and I was pleased when I saw the tip come out of my wished upon exit point.

I then drew the needle about midway through so its length was even on either side of the flap of skin. I had no clue about how to get the Bar Bell in because it wouldn't fit in the end tip of the needle. If I were to do that again I would use 16 gauge jewelry with a 14 gauge needle.

After letting the needle sit in me for about a minute and taking some puffs of my cigarette, because my stomach was curdling from the site of blood and the pain of the clamping, I carefully pushed and pulled the needle through and out.

This was the tricky part. I could not see or feel where I had made entry or exit holes. I had my wife come in and poke the jewelry around. It took her about a minute to get it through but thanks to the anesthetic I did not feel much when she had to twist the bar bell around and poke through a little.

And then all there was left to do was to screw the end bead onto the barbell. This was difficult because there was fluid everywhere. But my wife managed to get it done.

The most painful part was unclamping my paperclip style clamps. I took the outside one off slowly and I could feel that the nerve was throbbing. My hands were starting to shake and I had to really control my breathing. The next one which was closer to the middle of my face was the most painful. I almost lost my grip on the little vice because my hand was trembling from the nerve suddenly being engorged with blood again (that's not a medical fact; that is just my guess).

My skin was all puffed out from my clamps. In reality, they were too strong, but I would not have changed to something else.

I was very lucky in that the barbell fit perfectly in the distance between my entry and exit points. I think I could have been really unlucky and made it either too tight or too loose. But it worked out for me.

And that was it I washed up and admired my eyebrow piercing.

After about half an hour I felt a dull throb as the anesthetic wore off but that quickly dissipated and it was just regular "new" piercing pain. Less painful than having a stud put in my earlobe actually (with a gun that is)!

Now I don't feel it and it's been about 6 hours. The only indication that it's there is when it brushes up against clothing or when I look out the corner of my eye.

I am really happy with it.

I know a lot of people will judge me as stupid for the way I did it. And to give them credit it was stupid in many senses. I do not regret doing it the way I did because I was lucky and I did enough research. I wouldn't recommend that anyone else do it, and I probably wouldn't get a great result if I did it again.

So that's the story of my great new eyebrow piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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