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Is it technically a surface piercing?

My name is C.J.

I just recently got my bridge pierced.

A while back, when the band The Used first started seeing their first signs of success, I bought their cd, and fell in love. I then proceeded to buy a poster of the band to put on my wall.

I noticed the drummer, Branden Steineckert had a bridge piercing. I thought it was Distinctly the most individual and original piercing I had probably ever seen.

Since I was young, I've always been heckled for the size of my nose.

I don't think that it's that big, and in fact fits my face just fine. The day when I started contemplating getting a bridge piercing myself, I almost immediately wrote it off as a whim.

I didn't believe that I could pull it off because I was fairly self-conscious about my nose. Then, recently I had a fight with my best friend. I tend to like to undergo painful experiences when I'm in emotional pain. I used to be a cutter, and recently started messing around with burning myself. I love the rush, but would NOT recommend it to anyone. If you're interested in branding, please, seek the assistance of a professional.

During the separation period of the argument, I stared long and hard at my face in the mirror. I tried to picture a small barbell right between my eyes. I felt as if I'd be called Frankenstein if my family even knew I was contemplating this piercing. I have an overly critical set of parental units.

As I was staring myself in the eyes, I just couldn't envision the new mod there. Being me however, meant that was my best excuse to jump up and do it as soon as possible.

I drove down to the same studio where I got my nape pierced on my birthday. (I mentioned before that this particular studio gives 3 free piercings on your 18th b-day. All you pay is the cost of the jewelry.)

Sadly, the guy who did my neck (Andy) was not there. It was about an hour before the studio closed for the night. I walked in with the biggest adrenaline rush, knowing what I was about to do.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the familiar studio, was that the two unfamiliar piercers ALSO had their bridges pierced.

That made me feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of letting a stranger pierce me.

Dana was extremely friendly, answering all of my pestering questions.

I showed him my nape, and he said it appeared to be doing extremely well. From this point, he seemed very comfortable with the idea of piercing my bridge.

He explained to me that the marking process was slightly awkward since it takes so long to mark a bridge piercing perfectly, and he had to hover over my face for a long period of time. Each time he backed up to look at it, I had a hard time not staring right in his eyes. They were very pretty eyes, and you could tell he was an honest man.

After marking and remarking the piercing about 9 times, he finally got the dots in an acceptable place.

Here comes the pain.

I kept my arms relaxed, as opposed to the way I tensed up to prepare for the pain of my nape piercing.

I sat extremely still.

He explained to me that it was going to feel very strange.

I love how good piercers always avoid the topic of pain as if they're going to scare the customer away.

The sole reason I wanted the piercing was for the pain.

I was so ready.

Then it came.

The 14 g needle entered the left side of my nose.

My eyes jammed shut instantly, flooded with salty tears.

No, I wasn't crying. It was just an instant, unavoidable reaction.

I guess it's similar to a septum piercing, except that probably hurts worse seeing as how it goes through cartilage.

The bridge simply goes under the surface of the skin.

Originally, Dana inserted a 1/2 inch internally threaded barbell.

It did well for the first day or two, and then started to swell.

The barbell was far too short for the piercing to heal properly. It was too snug and the holes couldn't breathe.

The jewelry rubbed a cut into the side of my nose from being so tight. About 5 days after the original piercing session, I decided this was going to be a persisting problem, so I revisited the studio.

As soon as the guy who ran my transaction previously saw my face, he was like, "Oh Shit. You need a longer barbell."

I was like, you're most definitely correct.

I had no money.

I thought that would be a problem.

Alas, it was not at all.

They owned up to their misjudgement,

gave me a replacement barbell (1 inch) and inserted it for free.

I would highly recommend HTC to anyone who wants any type of body piercing.

The piercers are all down to earth, amazing people who really know what they're talking about.

So far, since the insertion of the new jewelry the piercings swelling has decreased drastically, and it is releasing the proteins in a healthy way that is now a lot easier to clean.

As for how it looks on me, the majority of people's reactions still surprise even me.

I get approached by all sorts of people asking me about certain piercings and whether or not they should get them.

People assume that because I have such an out-of-the-ordinary body mod, that I know something that they don't.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dana
Studio: HTC+Body+Piercing
Location: Peoria+and+28th+Drive%2C+Phoenix%2C+AZ

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