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Third time's a charm

It was less than a year ago that I first entered the modified world. At the end of last July, I got my first real piercing. It was a self-done labret and ever since then, I've been craving more and more piercings. I would browse bodmod sites for hours on end. There I discovered fascinating new things that people would do to their bodies. What stood out most to me wasn't something serious like suspension or a scarification, but a piercing. More specifically, the horizontal anti-eyebrow. Ever since then, I knew I was going to have one.

The problem is, as with most teenagers, my family. They never approved of piercings and never will. It's not that I'm afraid to face them and their punishments, I just hate disappointing them. I'm not all that close with my parents, but it still hurts when I see my mother cry over my face. Still though, I am my own person. I do these things for myself, not others.

I've been holding this off for a while, primarily because of my parents. Anyway, tonight I couldn't fall asleep. I stayed home on my computer for the past two days and haven't gone out. When I don't go out, I can't fall asleep last night. After lying awake for hours, I started thinking. I should pierce myself tonight. So I got out of bed, got my 16 gauge needle and a bent barbell and headed off towards my bathroom.

I know bent barbells are terrible for surface piercings, but I know that no matter what I use, it's going to reject. There's not all that much skin to pierce above my cheeks in the area I want it in. My cheekbones are fairly hard to the touch. If I use a surface barbell, the ends would stick out and I don't want that. Either way, I know that it's going to be temporary.

Anyway, I went downstairs and washed my hands. I marked off where the entry and exit holes are going to be on my right cheek. I started shaking like mad, but I always do before a piercing and it usually doesn't affect my accuracy. I unwrapped the needle and stuck it in my skin. It hurt. Badly. I knew it wasn't supposed to. What I did was, instead of sticking the needle straight across, I dug down then went back up. It was MUCH deeper than it should have been and the exit hole was three times farther than where I marked it. It wasn't because of the shaking, I've just never done a surface piercing before. I then pulled the needle out and blotted up the blood. Immediately, the skin swelled up and bruised. I wasn't going to give up.

I marked off my left side. I rinsed off the needle (I don't care too much for the hygienic part. My body has a good immune system. I've reused needles and shared with friends I know for sure are clean, and I've never had a problem. Still though, I am a person who likes to take risks and I DON'T recommend doing this) and repeated the process. By now I stopped shaking. This time the needle went straight across like it should have the first time. It didn't hurt. I knew I did it correctly. I then took the barbell and slowly pushed it through. It was twisting left and right and once I got towards the end, the needle fell out and I couldn't find the exit hole. I spent about ten minutes poking the barbell around underneath my skin and to no avail. I ran upstairs and got a smaller, 18g barbell and tried poking it through the exit hole with the other one still in but the top hole had already closed up. I took it out, once again, but I was persistent. I went back downstairs and tried again.

I decided, if it doesn't work this last time, the I'm done. I grabbed my needle and repeated the process on the left side. Normally I'm not too accurate with the needle but this time I got both holes exactly where they were previously. I stuck the barbell through and got a firmer grip on it. It didn't squirm and I got it all the way through on my first try (if you can still call it the first try). Excited, screwed the barbell back on and washed off the blood from before. I want to be able say that I went back to bed afterwards, but now with all the adrenaline, I can't sleep. Instead, I came here to write about it.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my anti-eyebrow. I've wanted it for ages and now that I have it, I feel so much more complete. I love the way it looks, though I probably look like an idiot with all the holes and the bruise on the other side of my face. I can't wait to see other people's reactions in school in about four hours.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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