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My new Bridge Piercing

The idea of a bridge piercing had always scared me. As much as I wanted it being told from friends it hurt, it bled and it swelled lots put me off.

Despite this fact for the last six to twelve months I have been wanting one very badly, so I started looking at different shops and prices, I thought I could look further a field and find another piercer that I could go to.

I had been wanting to visit "Eclipse" in London, but I had received mixed reactions as to what they were like, most of them being against, but I never go on what other people think, and as I was in Camden on the 31st anyway, I decided to take a visit, I found it easily, and clambered carefully down the stairs in my new rocks (I was going to a gig later on), and saw a wide open space. Lots of flash art on show, deciding not to be too impulsive I had a look around and was a little surprised when two dogs came ambling down the stairs, but after a quick fuss, they were soon moved off into another room and the floor washed down where they had been.

After having found some nice pieces of flash art that I could easily have customised I decided to has the big question, I walked over to a blonde haired lady (I'm afraid I don't know her name) who was very helpful in telling me that it would cost £30 and that would include full aftercare instructions, jewellery and piercing.

I told her I was a little apprehensive as I'd been told by another piercer it would need a 20mm bar, would bleed like crazy and swell up a large amount, I was quickly put at ease that none of this would be the case.

After having a quick think outside I once more carefully made my way down the stairs and walked over smiling "lets do it".

With a big smile I was handed forms to read, tick and sign, which I did, I was given a sheet of aftercare instructions (which are better than what I have had before), I paid and was told to wait while the room was unlocked and a last minute clean to make sure it was all sterile.

A nice young lady called Kinga (I believe) smiled and called me through, I jumped up on to the bed, the wrong way as it turned out, and we started trying to mark it up. That took a good ten minutes. At first it was too high and a little wonky and then just perfect.

I saw the needle (no clamp, to cut down on swelling – which made me happy) was sterile as was all jewellery, and I was asked to lay down and close my eyes, she said it would take just a few seconds to be done, and it was true, which surprised me, I was expecting much more pain than I had, there was no blood (not that I could see) and the swelling (so far) is very minimal.

After it was done and I had checked it out and taken a picture, I was led back out to the main area, where I sat for a few minutes to make sure I was not going to pass out, after a few moment when I was sure I was fine they said that if I had any problems not to hesitate to call (because I'm not local to London) or to go to my nearest piercer, but to drop by anytime.

I wandered outside where I met a friend and messaged my mum to let her know I had, had it done. She was fine with it, and couldn't wait to see it.

During the course of the day, I caught the piercing three times before I finally remembered it was there, and other than that, and counting the fact I went through a gig, it hasn't swelled up much at all.

Now, 24 hours later as I type this, I have very little swelling, still, but two very nicely bruised black eyes, it's not sore, and I've just cleaned it and didn't feel a damned thing. This is officially the least painful piercing I have ever had. I still have not told a few of my friends I think I'll leave it to see if they notice it.

My mum is happy because it's not easily noticeable behind my glasses, but I know it's there, I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm glad I went into Eclipse, instead of going on what other people had said. I now just have to stop my dog from jumping up and trying to sniff and lick at it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kinga+%28I+think%29
Studio: Eclipse
Location: Camden%2C+London%2C+England

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