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a long awaited eyebrow piercing

Just like everybody else on here I like body mods a lot however this is only been recent since leaving school last summer and since then I have had 23 piercings this is including my eyebrow. I also have my nipple and my tongue pierced and all the others are on my ears which are my daith, scaffold, tragus (both), anti-tragus, outter and inner conch, horizontal and vertical lobe, 2 forward pinnas, 4 other pinnas, lobe at 6mm and 3 more above that and I also have 2 tattoos done which I found was a lot less painful then most piercings I have had done.

I live with my mum and she doesn't mind most of my piercings however I am not aloud any facial piercings as she didn't want me to ruin my face as she didn't think a eyebrow piercing would look good on me (how wrong she was.) So until I move out I wasn't aloud my eyebrow pierced and that annoyed me due to me wanting my eyebrow pierced since I was 11 and I am now 17 but I was 16 at the time so it took me 5 years to finally have the piercing I longed for. However I would occasional bring it up about my eyebrow and an argument would start. I spoke to my dad about it when he was over one night and we had an argument over it so it looked like I wasn't going to get this piercing until I move out even though I had waited so long already but it was worth the wait.

Well one night me and my mum where talking and I said look mum I am not going to stop asking this question until you say yes and finally I got the answer I had been looking for which was obviously a yes which made me the happiest person in the world at that point. I was finally going to get it done and I couldn't wait but I had to wait another week because I didn't have any money until then and for me it was like when I was little waiting for Christmas I was so excited and was telling everyone they just couldn't shut me up. I then found out I had a day off from college on the Friday and I would have the money so me and some friends decided to go because my girl friend and another of our friends wanted piercings so it was a bit like a piercing day for us.

The night before I went to get this piercing I just couldn't sleep I couldn't believe after all this time I would finally have what I wanted. The morning arrived and I didn't get much sleep but I was happy and kept jumping around the house and I kept looking at the time for us all to meet up and get on the train into Southampton and it was finally 11:40am and I couldn't wait I just wanted the piercing. The whole train journey I wouldn't stop talking about getting my eyebrow pierced and my girl friend and my other friend where worried.

I got into town and got something to eat quickly and then went straight to the piercing studio and luckily my favourite piercer was there and I said I am going to get my eyebrow pierced and she said ok then and because the studio wasn't very busy and I was nervous but excited at the same time we went out for a cigarette to calm my nerves.

Once we finished we went back in and I filled out the forms and went in to the room and sat on the chair and passed my friend my phone to film it as I wanted to remember this moment and then we were away after some complications with the phone she marked my eyebrow and I loved the placement straight away. I closed my eyes and she clamped my eyebrow at this point I couldn't believe I was finally going to get my eyebrow pierced!!!

I then new what was coming next the needle and there was a little sting but nothing major and didn't hurt at all. The jewellery went in and then that was it I looked in the mirror and loved it. I was so happy I finally had what I wanted done for years. My eyebrow!!!!

That night I went to a party and caught it a few times which hurt but not to much. I have had my eyebrow pierced for about 3 months now and have caught it many times which gets a bit annoying and hurts but I love it however it is starting to migrate now which I think is due to the amount of times I have caught it so I will have to remove it soon however I will be getting it re-pierced as I love this piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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