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The return of Erl

At the end of last August I started a new job. I was working for the Civil Service and while I knew a few people working there who had various mods I still wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any problems if (when) I decided I wanted to get some more visible tattoos or piercings. I had the interview and got through (even with my tattoos and piercings on show) and turned up bright and early for the induction on the 31 August. Funnily a friend who I hadn't seen for about three years had also applied, and been accepted, for the same job as me so sat around the table on the first day were two fairly heavily modded girls. The morning progressed with the usual health and safety lectures, then came the chance to ask questions. I raised my hand. 'What's the company policy on modifications?' I asked, 'I mean if I wanted to dye my hair or show my tattoos and piercings, would there be a problem?'. 'No.' Came the reply. 'As long as you do your job it doesn't matter what you do.'

I relaxed in my chair, a smile on my face. In two days time was the second Cardiff Tattoo Convention and I could get pierced.

I drove down to Cardiff on the Saturday morning, parked near Techniquest and headed over to the convention at the Coal Exchange. It was great to be back at a convention again, albeit one where I didn't really know anyone; my last one had been the first London convention almost a year before where I'd met some great IAMers, and while that wasn't happening this time it was still great seeing similarly modded people wandering around and getting work done.

I'd come to the convention planning to get something done, though I wasn't really sure what. I'd have loved a tattoo but couldn't really afford it, didn't have any definite design and would rather go to my artist back in Aberdare who I trust and can work with. Wandering around however, I found two piercing booths. I wanted another piercing as it had been ages since the last one, and there were a couple of things I wanted done. I'd been toying with getting my cheeks pierced for a while as I really liked the way that they looked and I wanted some more facial piercings to balance out the ones that I already had.

Trouble was I also really wanted to get my bridge redone. I'd had it pierced the year before but as I worked in a school I had to change it to a retainer far, far before it was ready and ended up losing it as a result. I really missed having my bridge pierced, and also had a lump of scar tissue that was, while small, noticeable to me. If I got my bridge repierced I'd be happy because I'd have my beloved piercing back, and the scar tissue wouldn't be noticeable. The bridge piercing was something I knew looked good, while the cheeks were an unknown quantity - it was a tough decision.

While I was trying to decide what I wanted pierced I wandered between the two booths for a good half hour or so. Price wise they were both pretty similar, so I looked at the photos and videos each booth had and finally decided that I'd go with Mac, who works out of the Punctured Body Piercing Studio in Devon. As I walked up to him to have a chat about the piercings I still hadn't decided what I wanted to get done. We had a chat about both the bridge and the cheek piercings and after weighing them up I decided on the cheeks. I'd had the bridge, and I loved it, and I would definitely be getting it done again, but for the moment I wanted to see what pierced cheeks would look like.

I nipped to the bank to get some money and half an hour later walked out of the booth with two shiny new cheek piercings. While I was really happy with them, and did think they looked good, I still regretted not getting my bridge redone. I wandered around the convention for a bit longer, getting used to the metal in my face and watching some traditional tattooing being done but my mind was still on my piercings. I'd had the cheeks done and they seemed fine. Why not get my bridge done as well? I may as well take the chance while I had it as I didn't know when I'd be able to get my next piercing. And it wouldn't cost that much...

I knew I was trying to persuade myself to get my bridge redone; all of the reasons I came up with were valid, but could I really afford it? Not really. But still; I ummed and ahhed and debated the pros and cons, all the while walking towards the booth I'd gotten my cheeks pierced at. 'Back again?' asked Mac when he saw me.'Yeah...I'm thinking of getting my bridge done as well. How many piercings will you do on one person at a time?''Three,' he replied. 'Your bridge is far enough away from your cheeks that there won't be a problem. I wouldn't be happy doing them closer together, but that'll be fine.''Excellent. I'm ready when you are.'

Mac told me to wait a few minutes while he set up then called me back into the booth where I'd been sitting less than an hour before. I explained that I'd had the piercing done a year ago but had to take it out, and that there was some scar tissue where the piercing hadn't healed. That wouldn't be a problem I was told. It might be a bit tough getting the needle through it, but no worries.

I took my glasses off and closed my eyes while Mac wiped the bridge of my nose. Whereas I'd been lying down to get my cheeks pierced, I remained sitting on the edge of the bed for my bridge, hands in lap, sitting upright and breathing comfortably.Mac marked where I wanted the piercing and I put my glasses on to check the placement. Satisfied that it was high enough that my glasses wouldn't constantly knock again it he then clamped the bridge of my nose and told me to breathe in.

The needle going through didn't hurt that much. It was a bit tough going through the scar tissue, but not really painful - I could just feel the pressure Mac was putting on the needle. Once he'd got that through he popped the jewellery in and tightened the ball on the left hand side of the bar. And that was it; bridge done.

It was strange putting my glasses back on as I was aware of this piece of metal going through the bridge of my nose that hadn't been there before, but the balls on the sides of the bar were quite flush against my nose and my glasses didn't really catch on them. Paying Mac I left, happy with the piercings I'd got done.

I wandered around the convention for a bit longer but decided to head home; I'd had done what I wanted and I wanted to go and show off my new metal.

Aftercare for my bridge piercing has been pretty easy, far easier than the first time I got it pierced. I did sea salt soaks twice a day, being careful when drying the piercing not to catch it. It did flare up once, when I smacked it really hard with my glasses causing it to bleed, when I smacked it really hard with my glasses causing it to bleed, but funnily enough that seemed to help the piercing and I didn't have any problems with it after that. The only thing that's worried me is that the piercing seems to be slightly crooked. Whether that's because it was pierced that way, or it was knocked while it was healing and that caused it to become crooked I'm not sure. However it's not too noticeable and I suspect it's only me who's really worried about it.

The main problem I have now is that I've recently passed my bike test so am out on my bike, with helmet, a fair bit. Because of the way my glasses sit when I've got the helmet on they seem to be putting a bit more pressure on my bridge piercing, but touch wood it'll be fine and not reject.

The bridge piercing is, I think, one of my favourites, especially since I've changed my glasses and gone for thicker 'sexy librarian' style ones. While it can be irritating when things go wrong, like when I'm wearing the helmet, it's definitely a piercing that's worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mac
Studio: Punctured
Location: Cardiff+Tatoo+Convention

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