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Are you a heavy drinker?

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced for a few years now. With my eyes being my favorite part of my face, I figured it would accent my face and I would love it. My parents weren't thrilled; they agreed to a tattoo for my 17th birthday but piercings were strictly out of the picture. (My mom is convinced that an infected piercing will kill me, which is an adequate fear but regardless, I know what I want) A few months after my birthday, I persuaded them to let me get my nose pierced with my best friend, but still the eyebrow was "too much". My mom was convinced it would take over my face (I have very delicate features).

Friday, I was fired from my job due to a completely ridiculous reason. My parents had asked me to call in on Thursday because my father was sick; my boss got pissy and fired me. The end. Anyway, I had been holding off on asking for another piercing because my boss HATED my nose ring, regardless of the retainer I wore at work. But now that I was fired, I could get my eyebrow pierced. It really didn't take much convincing on my parents' part, all of a sudden, I just reminded them that it would be healed by summer when I was ready to work again and off we went. I was so surprised. I at least expected my parents to make me wait until after my scholarship interviews this week but they just got up and told me "Let's go". It was amazing. After years of craving this one singular piercing, I was finally getting it done in the wake of something most parents wouldn't want to praise. But they hated my boss too, so I guess everything wound up okay.

We decided to go to Primal Urge because I had spoken with the staff through Myspace and I knew it was a good studio. It was going to cost me $35, a very decent price if you ask me. (My nose had been only $20 but regardless)It was a very simple process, I just had to sign the paper, pick out my jewelry, and within minutes I was in the chair.

I had wanted small jewelry but I really didn't want to take the chance on migration or rejection, so I ended up with something much bigger than I expected, but it's worth it. I really just have a basic 14 guage curved barbell. After picking my jewelry, Rachelle sat me in the chair and cleaned the jewelry, opened the sterile packaging and said "This really doesn't hurt that bad." She didn't use clamps, and told me not to believe everything I read on BME. Clamps or no clamps, if you pierce enough flesh you'll be fine.

I barely felt the needle go through the top. Then she pushed through the bottom of my eyebrow (seemed like a struggle) and I heard a loud, disgusting POP and experienced the worst pain I'd felt in my life. They LIE. It does too hurt. I've had my nose pierced and a tattoo and broken more than my share of bones. I know pain. This was really really bad to me. I've given blood, too, and from what I've seen the needles are WAY bigger for that. It felt like a burning, stinging, awful pain. A bit of hesitation, then the blood started gushing down my face. "Are you a heavy drinker?" She asked. To make things clear, I've never tasted alcohol in my life. I'm just a bleeder, I guess. My poor mother was standing by the pool table and she told me later she saw my life flash before her eyes. Afterward, my dad took the time to tell me everyone on his side of the family has a tendency to bleed heavily. Jeez, someone could have told me that earlier so I could have at least warned poor Rachelle. Oh well. She thought it was pretty darn awesome. :)

So five minutes and one soaked paper towel later, things started to slow down and she finished putting the jewelry in. I'm amazed at her ability to screw on balls, I always have to fight with the ones on my nose but it didn't even hurt when she did it. Thank god.

I walked away one happy customer. I love my eyebrow and I am SO glad I got fired because this is way better than work. :) And in five months, I can do it all without my parents. Which means tongue, nipples (maybe), belly button.. and definitely some more tattoos. But for now I'm more than content with my beautiful brow piercing. I love it. I can't help but look at myself in the mirror now and enjoy my new jewelry.

The moral: Yes, eyebrows hurt. They LIE. Yes, it bleeds. And yes, it's worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rachelle
Studio: Primal+Urge
Location: Chico%2C+CA

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