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safetypin a no no

Here goes:

Mkay, so I've always been into body mods, piercings, tattoos, henna, paint... pretty much anything that you can use to make your body look... different! About a year ago I was playing with the idea of piercing something. At the time all I had was the standard earlobes, my mother being quite against any kind of mod till I was 18. Bummer right? Well I was feeling rebellious, and after I saw a friend pierce her own lip with a thumbtack (please listen to me and NEVER do that! Trust me its a bad idea) I had to get in on the self-mod action.

So I ended up deciding on a standard eyebrow, not exactly what I wanted, but one of the few things I felt confident messing with myself. Now I know that I should have researched it more, and how lucky I am that I didn't make a rookie mistake and hit a precious facial nerve!

Mistake number two: a friend and I decided it would be a good idea to have a few drinks earlier that day, celebration for what we were going to do (she was going to peirce her lip). Surprise surprise, alcohol doesn't flush out of your system very fast, even within several hours.

Mistake number three! My friend ended up having to go home, but we agreed we'd do it over the phone. So, much later that night there we were... both propped up on our bathroom counters scoping out our bodypart to be poked, phones plastered to our ears. We gathered our materials and sadly I found that there was not one needle in my father's house! So what do I do? Get impatient of course! Next thing you know I'm soaking a safetypin in alcohol. See, that wouldn't be as bad if I had remembered to get jewelry to put in after I added a new hole to myself, but silly me it must have slipped my mind.

So we were ready! First thing was first, I swabbed the whole area with alcohol, then used a ballpoint pen to mark where I wanted entry and exit. Dumb move again because that ended up smearing off as I fumbled around. I got some nervous butterflies once I picked up the safetypin, but I couldn't chicken out now!

From then on it was miserable! It took me a good hour of poking, pulling, wiggling, readjusting, pinching, and pain just to get the safety pin through! Oh, and can't forget the blood. I bled everywhere, ruined a shirt and a towel and it just kept going. I guess it was just super thin from the drinking, my friend had the same problem. So yeah, never drink before you get a piercing.

Once I got it through I was so excited! my friend on the other line had gotten hers through pretty quickly and had been trying to talk me through it. We both must have looked like idiots, jumping around bloody as hell with needle poking out of our faces. Then she asked me what kind of jewelry I got, and my heart dropped. Crap...

I ended up leaving the safety pin in, figuring it would be fine until I buy a ring for it. Hey guess what!!! Safetypins rust!

Yeah, so after two days of hiding it from my mom I noticed the swelling wasn't going down. I figured it was just because of my manhandling and ignored it. A week after I did it it started looking real nasty, so I scrounged all the money I could and bought a thin little ring. When I did the switch I noticed that the safety pin was rusted all where it was in my face. Whoops! A few days after I put in the ring I realized it was too far gone and decided to take it out completely.

So I had to learn the hard way that it is always better to trust the pros that have been doing this for years... a safety pin just doesn't cut it! I was forced to walk around embarrassed for the next week, making excuses for my huge nasty eyebrow like 'i fell' or 'I burned it and it got infected'. Pretty lame right? To this day I still haven't messed with that brow, but I did get a few less mentionable piercings and a tattoo.

So the moral of this story is don't do it yourself unless you really know what your doing! Since then my friends lip has healed and looks beautiful, lucky girl! But her case was the good side of the 50/50 chance, and mine the slightly bad. I've also become friends with a pro piercer and he gave me a lot of great tips should I try again, so I suggest visiting your local pro shop and getting a few tips before even thinking of doing anything! Or even better, just cough up the cash and get them to do it! Better safe than sorry!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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