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No Clamp = Bad Idea

Okay, Lets rewind about a year. I had been begging my mom for a while to let me get my eyebrow pierced. Probably cause all my older brothers friend had one, and I wanted to "impress" them. (Childish and stupid, I know)

Anyways, my mom finally gave in with the help of my boyfriend. We went to the only tattoo shop in Wilson, Sacred Flames. They had a big sign on the door, "We are not a babysitter, no one under 16 allowed." But my boyfriend and his brother in law knew the owners and they let me in.

Now, all papers signed, everything marked, cleaned and sterile. All perfect right? So anyways, the piercer was fixing to basically stab a needle threw my eyebrow and I stopped him. Everyone thought I had chickened out, but in reality I had researched and knew that my eyebrow was supposed to be clamped. I said something about it to him, and his reply was. "Oh, I do all my work freehand its less painful." (my childish-ness believed him) So, he just jammed the needle through me, without warning, scaring the living sh*t out of me. Quickly followed by the jewelry my boyfriend had picked out.

It hurt, I'm not gonna lie.

The piercer never gave me anything to clean it with, he said just use water. Like I actually was gonna believe that. I payed a visit to my boyfriends, brother in law and got some H2Ocean from him. I cleaned that baby every few hours for a good month.

No, it never got infected. I was proud of it. I loved it.

Well, it grew out in the first month. I later went to a very experienced body piercer I know, and should have traveled to see him in the first place. He said I should have been clamped.

I had this wonderful star there for a while, one of my guy friends bought some scar stuff for it. Its barely noticeable now.

Well, thinking about it, I had done the research and knew No Clamp, No piercing. But I just wasn't thinking.

In fact a lot of people go and their piercings only last about a month or two.

I miss that thing, a lot. I'm fixing to get married now, and have grown up a lot. I'm not nearly as childish or naive. I learned a lot from that experience. (there is a lot i left out, but i don't want to run away business)

Now, fast forward. I did end up getting re-pierced. This time I payed way more attention to the shop. The people were more friendly, and I felt way more welcome. Now, this shop was were my sisters', boyfriend got all his piercings and tattoos. Warlocks, in Rocky Mount. (North Carolina)

My boyfriend, same one that went to Sacred was with me. Him and my mom, who shockingly was more okay with it this time.

I was greeted my a wonderful, upbeat girl named Autumn. She talked to me for a while, and explained everything. She was really informative. I felt like I was in good hands.

She walked me back into the piercing room, let me pick out the jewelry I wanted. I watched her clean everything. Even the brand new jewelry, even though it was wrapped in plastic. She clamped me, which hurt a bit. Breath in, Exhale, Needle In/Out, Inhale. I barely felt a thing this time. Autumn talked the whole time. Which really made me feel comfortable.

I love my eyebrow now. Autumn did an amazing job, and I highly recommend her. Thinking about my first experience, I wish I had actually THOUGHT about it. Its healing wonderfully. I get a lot of compliments. But my favorite part is that I actually wanted to do it for me, NOT someone else.

All I have to say is, do it because you want to, not to "impress" anyone. Make sure the piercer actually uses a clamp, do not fall for that "freehand" crap. Do not get it done, if the shop isn't clean or friendly. And for God sakes, actually feel welcome and not like something from outer space. (No Offence anyone, figure of speech, you know?)

I love my piercing, I take pride and joy in it. It no longer bothers me if people don't like it, its not there body. They can get over it. I like it, My fiance' likes it, That's all that matters to me.

I've had it for about 4-5 months now. I still clean it daily with the stuff Autumn gave me. I never got infected, or had that much trouble with it. I still haven't changed it, but that's okay. It is nowhere near growing out, and looks wonderful. :D

I highly recommend Autumn, and Warlocks. It was well worth the travel.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Sacred+Flames
Location: North+Carolina

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