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At Last...

Hello, All...

Well I feel I should preface this with a previous BME entry I submitted about eight years ago. See below link


Yes, that was me. The first of many piercings I would come to enjoy over the next eight years. Although the school I went to at the time forced me to lose the eyebrow ring I had fallen in love with, I managed to get and KEEP many more discreet piercings throughout my schooling. From that piercing I went to nipples, navel, nose, nipples again, tattoos here and there, and now here I am eight years later, and I finally got that eyebrow ring I had always wanted. So here's my latest story. Enjoy!

This piercing was much more spur of the moment than the last time I got my brow pierced. I was driving home from dinner, and just happened to pass by the studio I had had it pierced the first time. (Global Chaos - Houston location) I thought out loud, "what the hell". My boyfriend went in with me.

This was a Monday night around eight in the evening. Luckily the piercer wasn't with anyone. I have often found this to be the most nerve wracking part of getting pierced, having to wait for the piercer / tattoo artist if they are already with someone. I told the piercer what I wanted, what gauge, (an 18 gauge; a gauge smaller than my last eyebrow ring), and where I wanted it. The piercer took me to the back.

Their piercing room was like a long, wide, walk-in closet with a bathroom in the rear. I sat in the same blue dentist's chair I had sat in eight years previous. The piercer asked me to remove my bandana that was pushing my bangs over my brow area. Off came the bandana, and out came the horribly messy hair I had been hiding from everyone. Not seeming to mind the bleach blond mess, he prep-ed me; cleaning the area, getting the clamp and needle ready, etc. I told him I wanted it further out than the last time I had it pierced. (He could tell because there is still a very faint scar on the bottom from where the bottom of the barbel had come out.) He marked me, and I told him I wanted it less straight up and down, and more tilted with the top further out. He adjusted the marks, and I approved. He clamped me, pushed the needle through, and I was pierced. No counting down, no asking if I was ready. I think he could tell I'd had my fair share piercings. I liked this approach much better much better than the counting / breathing method. I think I get more anxious from having to wait for the piercer to count down. All that stuff makes you think you're in for something terrible, when in all actuality most piercings hurt less than getting a shot at the doctor. After the needle was through it took a while to get the actual jewelry in. Anyways, I think it must have bled. I could feel something dripping towards my eye. He laid the chair back after the piercing was done and applied pressure for a minute or so. It didn't hurt at all:( Good for some, but I tend to like the sensation / pain of getting pierced.

I looked to my boyfriend for his approval and he returned an uneasy look. I assumed this was from the bleeding. I looked in the mirror, and being satisfied I tipped the piercer $5 and we were off. I asked my boyfriend if he liked it, and he gave me an expression that said no. I was immediately over defensive and demanded to know what was wrong with it. He explained he thought it was still to straight (up and down) and that he was sure I had wanted it more slanted. He said he was just worried that I wasn't really fond of it, and that I was just afraid to say anything to the piercer. I was annoyed with this (possibly because I was somewhat disappointed with the positioning) and just wanted to leave. Luckily after we got home, and the swelling subsided, the barbell settled into a much more pleasing position, leaving my boyfriend, and more importantly myself, completely satisfied.

The next day at work I was disappointed that nobody noticed my new jewelry right away. Granted my bangs are always in my eyes so it's understandable. But my own mother didn't even notice right away! Anyways, I work as a graphic designer at a small photography company so there isn't a dress-code or anything. And the piercing is actually pretty tame for the art school I go to, so for now my jewelry's safe. No assistant principles around to make me take it out this time! No band-aids or fishing line for me, hooray!

Well that's all there is to my story I guess. Many thanks go out to BMEzine for eight years of piercing inspiration!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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