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A sudden headache, a new piercing

I started wanting a new piercing near the beginning of the week and so I began looking for what I might want. I stumbled upon the bridge piercing and just knew that was what I wanted. It seemed like a pretty rare piercing but becoming more and more common.

I had gone to Evolution for a few other piercings and was very impressed with how professional the studio is. It reminded me very much of a doctors office. I had been to other studios to watch my sister and friends get piercings and felt that Evolution's professionalism was superior to any other studio I had been to.

My sister wanted to go see me get the piercing because she had been wanting one and so I took her along with me to get it. We got to Evolution and it was the busiest I had seen it, normally I just walked in and was able to fill out the paperwork and get my piercing without waiting but this took a few minutes to wait.

The studio manager was in the front room of the studio and she asked me for my ID and then made a copy of it and began the paperwork before handing it over to me so I could fill out the parts I needed to fill out. After I filled the paperwork out, I gave it back to her and then began looking around at all the jewelry they had to offer while I waited.

Noah got the room ready and then had me go in. My sister came in with us. I was unsure of getting the piercing still because I had read stories of migration and just general problems with it, but Noah assured me it would work out well for me and that my bridge would be good for the piercing, so I decided to continue with the piercing. Noah then began marking where it would go. I had read that it would take a while to get the piercing just right, and it did take much longer than any other piercing I had gotten to date, but it didn't take TOO long. After Noah marked where it would go, I looked in the mirror and decided it would be a good placement.

I had a few questions for Noah still before he did the piercing and he was happy to answer them. The major one I had was how to do sea salt treatments properly, being that I had always been told to soak the piercing in a cup of warm water with sea salt in it. This wouldn't work with a bridge piercing because I couldn't just dip the piercing in the cup or put the cup up to the piercing to form a suction. Noah instructed me to take two cotton swabs and soak them in the sea salt solution then to hold them up to the two ends of the piercing. I also wanted to know what gauge he would use, before he did the piercing because I wanted 14 gauge because 14 gauge is a very common gauge for piercing. Noah confirmed that he would use 14 gauge and also explained why the piercing was a little higher than other piercers do. He explained that he liked to pierce bridge piercings pretty deep to help insure it doesn't migrate out easily. The barbell was a little longer than normal, to allow for swelling.

After all of my questions had been answered, Noah told me to lay down on the table and then he lined the needle up. He told me to breathe slowly in and as I did, he begin putting the needle through. It hurt a little, but not much, it mostly just felt like a headache that came really fast. As I breathed out, he finished up with sliding the barbell through and then he screwed the ball onto the barbell. After I got up, my sister commented that she had wanted the piercing before but that she didn't want it anymore because it looked like it hurt, but it really didn't too much.

That day, it hurt for a while, but mostly felt like a headache. As the day went on, the headache became less and less until I cleaned it later, then it began to hurt again. It was a little swollen, but not much. The next day, I woke up and it didn't hurt at all, but after I cleaned it again, it hurt a little once more but the pain quickly went away. The swelling also went away overnight and seemed almost completely gone by the day after I got the piercing. Overall it was a good experience and I really enjoy my new piercing. I plan to go back to Evolution once my piercing fully heals so that I can get a new barbell that is a better size so that the piercing will look better (though it doesn't look too bad now, just the barbell middle can be seen a little).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Noah+Babcock
Studio: Evolution
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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