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My Second Eyebrow Piercing

Today, November 10, 2006 I got my right eyebrow pierced for the second time.  I got it pierced the first time (the experience is here on BME) last December, and ever since I have been thinking that it would be really cool to get a second one done right next to it.

My story really begins last Sunday evening when I had a few drinks and while reading experiences and looking at pictures on BME and thinking about how it's been a really long time since I got a new piercing. For some reason I had the (bad) idea that I should give myself a piercing. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided I should pierce my eyebrow. Now, I know this was a really stupid idea since I didn't even have a piercing needle, just a safety pin, but I figured what the hell. I asked my wonderful boyfriend to help me pierce myself and he told me no. He told me that if I really want to get the piercing I need to get it done the right way, by a professional. He told me that if I need the money to get it done to just tell him. So, I said yes, that would be a lot better. He promised to take me on Friday right after he got paid to get pierced.

It seemed like it took forever for Friday to come around. I thought I was going to die from anticiapation. Finally Friday came and Matt, my boyfriend asked me if I still wanted to get a piercing. I said yes so he told me to call and make an appointment at West Coast Tattooing in Calcutta Ohio, the same place that I got my tattoos done at. When Matt left to go pick up his paycheck I called to make an appointment. The lady on the phone told me I did not really need an appointment to just come on in and I could get it done. So, a few minutes later Matt came home (we live across the street from where he works) and we were on our way.

It took us about forty five minutes to get to Calcutta Ohio from our house in Ellwood City Pennsylvania, but to me it seemed like it took hours. When we got to West Coast Tattooing I told the lady behind the counter that I was there for an eyebrow piercing. She gave me a form to fill out, then took my ID and copied it. As soon as she handed me back my ID the piercer told me to come on back. So, I followed him to the piercing room in the back of the studio and watched as he opened everything he was going to need. Matt stayed out in the lobby and looked through some of their tattoo flash even though he could have come back with me. Anyways, he asked me which side I wanted pierced and I told him right next to the one I already have. He asked me to take out my eyebrow barbell while he cleaned the area and marked me up. He had me look in the mirror to see if I agreed with his markings. I thought they were a bit too close to the piercing I already had so I asked him to move it to the right just a little bit. He marked me up again and this time it was perfect. He had me get up on the piercing table and lay back with my eyes closed. He did not tell me what he was doing but I was kind of glad about that. I felt the clamps go on, but they were not painful at all. I had my eyes closed and the piercer did not say anything, but I knew what was next, the needle. Usually, I am very afraid of needles and get very nervous before a piercing, but I was not scared at all this time. Maybe because I already had an eyebrow piercing and knew what to expect. I felt the needle go through but that also was not painful, just a little pinch. Then, I felt him putting the ball in the ring which did not hurt either. The last time I got my eyebrow pierced I remember it hurting a lot worse when the piercer was closing the ring. Maybe because this time I have a much bigger ring. When he told me I was finished I jumped up to go to the mirror to check out my new piercing and to put my other eyebrow barbell back in. I walked back into the lobby to show Matt my new addition, he paid and we left. I was not given any kind of after care directions or anything, maybe because he saw that I already had quite a few piercings including an eyebrow piercing.

I am really glad I did not end up piercing myself. I feel that I did the right thing by waiting a few days and getting pierced by a professional. It has been a few hours now since I got pierced, and it is not painful at all. I already am forgetting that I have it. I absolutely love my new piercing and can not wait until I can get another piercing or tattoo.


submitted by: witchy_kitty`
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dallas
Studio: West+Coast+Tattooing
Location: Calcutta%2C+Ohio

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