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my double tops

My mum and I had reached the Barber shop and were about to go down the stairs lit by UV lights, when my mum said are you sure you want to go through with this, I told her ,' yes of course,' because I have wanted this done for ages.

I got down into the waiting room and it seemed to take forever for the receptionist to ask me what I wanted done. So i sat there for 45 minutes, and the waiting room slowly emptied, people going in to the little white room and coming out with lips, Navels and some piercings you couldn't see.

It was getting quiet hot in the waiting room, or it might of been me, I was a bit light headed because one of the girls who went in there got told to go back into the room and gargle water or something like that, So she went back into the room then came out, Then Carl went into the room and started to shout to the receptionist,' she didn't fking do what I told her to , it was for her personal safety not mine and she didn't do it,' the reason why I was light headed was because I was after that girl, and he might of made a mistake and did mine wrong.

I got into the little white room at last and sat on the light blue bed thing. he said to me ,'what do you want these eye brow piercings to look like,' and i explained to him that I wanted the middle of my eyebrows done and at a slight angle.

He looked at my eye brows and stared for a little while, Then he got a pen thing out and dotted them, He told me to look in a mirror to see if they were ok for me. They were perfectly the same on both eye brows. I sat back on the blue bed and waited for him to get his needles ready, so I had a look around the room, and

I saw hundreds upon hundreds of pictures on his walls of the mods he has done, and not one had what I wanted done, I felt special.

He cleaned and clamped one of my eye brows and said breath in, so I did, the he said as I push the needle through when i tell you, breath out hard. I did this and all i felt was a little bit of pressure on my eye, but that what only due to the fact I couldn't open my eye because there was a white tube pressing ever so gently down te middle of it. He the did the same with the other eye brow. The thing that hurt the most was him putting the bar through my eye brows.

On my way back to the train station my eye brows were hurting a bit so my mum got me a packet of cigarettes and a few asprin for the pain, My mum said she really liked them and that she didn't think they would suit me, but they did. When i was walking throught the station i didn't stop stroking them when Carl said,'Don't touch them,'but i couldn't help it. As I was on my way home I fell alseep on the train and banged my left eye brow, it was so painful, I turned to my mum and said ,'Mum so when can i have my lips done,' and the look on her face was priceless. I have been washing and cleaning it every day ever since that, so it hasn't rejected.

i have had to get new bars for it latley, because school don't allow me to have them in. I spent ages looking for see through bars in St Helens, I ended up going all the way back to manchester to get some see trough bars that I will end up cutting the ends off anyway, just so the teachers cant see them.

I am going back to the Barber shop soon to get them checked out because they have started going a bit wierd, and whitish stuff has been coming out of them, I am a bit worried, I don't want them to reject. They were a birthday present of my mum, and she didn't spend 35 pounds on a body modification, if it is just going to get ruined and for my face to get scared.

So overall my experience was an okay one, but maybe next time I will bring some moral support if I get light headed, because I know will, So instead of my mum and I going to the Barber shop and going down the stairs with the UV lights, it will be a close friend of boyfriend.

this is my story



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: carl
Studio: the+barber+shops
Location: manchester..+near+afflecks

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