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Bridge of Doom

Yeah, so I got my bridge done for the first time about 4 years ago, and it looked ok, but after about a year and a half (maybe a little longer), I took it out. I loved my bridge,and it was probably one of my favorites that I had at the time, but I took it out because I was really sick for about two weeks (just like the flu or something) and my head would not quit hurting around my eyes, so after a week of pain, I decided to take my bridge piercing out, and surprisingly enough, the pain stopped almost simultaneously...anyways...I left my bridge out for probably 5 or 6 months, but the scar wouldn't go away, and I missed it, and was tired of seeing the scar, so I decided to go back to where I had gotten it done originally and get it redone...I went in one day, told ol'boy what I wanted and he went in to set the room up. I remember being nervous. Bad nervous. It wasn't that I didnt already have a ton of piercings, but I had never been re-pierced in the same spot(other than a septum gone horribly wrong, which was re-pierced correctly),and the bridge swelled up pretty good. Anyways.

So I stood out in the lobby area waiting for dudeman to come back out, and I remember almost feeling sick, I had almost thought to leave, and wuss out. I don't remember feeling sick when I finally went in the room, but I know I thought I would piss myself when he asked me to lie down on the table, he marked and marked and marked some more, and he was very clean, equipment set up wonderfully, I didn't watch him open the packets, I was freakin out, but I heard him. He marked me about 7 different times, and he kept tellin me he didn't want to repierce it in the exact same location cuz one side was a little more forward than the other, but it would essentially be in the same area....he marked some more, checked and then when he was satisfied, he sent me to go get someone else to check on placement and when it was ok'd, i came back in, laid on the table and was cleaned up again, and prepared myself. He changed gloves again, got the forceps on my bridge (I swear to you, the forceps hurt sooo much more than the actual piercing)and he started tellin me to breath slowly, and count to 3, but not too fast, he was going to go slow to make sure it was even with the markings. I closed my eyes, and watched the needle come closer, closer, and then I felt my nose twitch and a warm sensation, then pain. Lots of pain.I felt like my face was being pushed into the table,almost like it felt when I had my septum re-pierced. It felt like it took forever for him to pierce the thing, and I could feel it tearing through every layer of my skin, and it sucked really bad. After what seemed like a lifetime, he reached for jewelry and I felt a tug and the jewelry go in..then he said it, "oh....ummm", UM!!!! WHAT!!!I asked him what and he handed me the mirror...yeah, "umm" was right. My bridge was off in every way possible, front to back, up and down, I could have done better with a drunk midget in a hailstorm. He apologized and said he had to take the jewelry out and we'd try again. AGAIN!! I laid back down and closed my eyes, felt him twist the ball off, and felt a trickly feeling. He told me to lay back down while he wiped the blood, I looked over in the mirror and I looked like I had been knocked a good one. I dont think I've ever bled that much. And it hurt. I bled for about 10 minutes, and he was sweating bullets, and he asks me, "have you been drinking?". I had indeed NOT been drinking. I calmed down, and he asked me if I wanted him to try again. No, not tonight. I sat up, and blood was pouring again. He said to come back tomorrow and he'd try again, and get it right...I said ok and left feeling shaky and sore.

I went to my then boyfriends job, and by the time I got there from AeroChild (10 minute drive)my eyes were bluish purple and my nose was swollen. My boyfriend freaked out. He asked what happened and threatened to go beat the guy. I saw no need in it.

At any rate, it took me a week to prepare to go back to have it done again, swelling to subside, and general fear to subside, so when I called to see if he was working, they told me he wasnt there and he'd be back the next day or whatever. When I went in, he talked to me about it, and said he didnt want to try to re-pierce my bridge, he asked about a different piercing...so I went with my cupids bow...I really wanted the bridge, but, whatever. I waited about 2 months to get my bridge done at a different shop, it was wonderful.I later found out that the guy hadn't done but 1 bridge piercing before, and my cupids bow was the absolute first. It's nice to be guinea pig. I wish I would have talked to him about the possibility of not having the bridge redone, I would have saved myself a lot of pain. Always talk to your piercer about the work your having done, especially if its a re-do or whatever. I know the shop is clean, and I've had a few other piercings done there,and they were fine, excellent job...really clean and neat.

broken drum stix and guitar pix me philthylittlephreak


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: AeroChild
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