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eyebrow piercing experience

I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for quite a while but I was too scared to get it pierced as I thought it would hurt (yes I know, I'm soft). I asked a few people who already had their eyebrow pierced about what to expect, how much it would hurt, how much it would cost etc. most of them said it hurt a bit but not as much as you would think. I was still worried about getting an eyebrow piercing though. However, one day when I was 15 I was walking around Manchester with my friend, feeling envious as I saw other people with their eyebrow piercings and I just thought, "why not get my eyebrow pierced? Today is as good a day as any".

So my friend and I walked to the nearest piercing studio which was the same one where I had got my nose pierced two years previously and wasn't very far away. We walked into the studio, I approached the desk and told the lady which piercing I wanted done, signed the consent form and paid for the piercing. It cost around £20 if I remember rightly. The studio was welcoming but really warm in temperature. As it was a Saturday afternoon, the studio was packed full of people which is probably the reason it was so warm in there.

I had to wait quite a while, I didn't mind because I used the time I was waiting to calm myself down. When it was my turn I walked through to the back of the shop feeling pretty nervous and sat on the table. The guy that was going to pierce me was really fit so that kind of made me feel a little more relaxed. The piercer talked me through what he was going to do, I asked a few questions then he drew with a marker where he was going to pierce, put my eyebrow in a clamp and told me to breathe out. As I breathed out he pushed the needle through. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, the pain was only for about a second. I felt like such an idiot for thinking it would really hurt.

I came out of the piercing studio feeling excited and happy about my new piercing. It is a shame my mum was not as excited when I got home! Needless to say she was not impressed. She managed to give me the silent treatment for ages. Eventually she came round to the idea and stopped giving me the silent treatment.

I continued to be happy with my eyebrow piercing until one morning I was in bed fiddling with my piercing as usual when all of a sudden it just came out in my hand. I wondered what had happened so I got up, looked in the mirror and was horrified to discover my pierced had migrated and I was left with a small scar. I later found out that this is common with eyebrow piercings. Maybe I should have done more research into piercing.

I decided to wait until the scar had healed and then get it pierced again. The only problem with doing that is that the scar would take a long time to heal and I had heard from a few people, who were reliable sources of information, that piercing over a scar hurts more. I realised that piercing over a scar wouldn't look as nice and would probably be more difficult to pierce.

Eventually, after much consideration, I decided to get an eyebrow piercing next to the scar. I went again to Manchester but this time to a different piercing studio and got my eyebrow pierced again. This time I wasn't as nervous because I knew what to expect. I asked the piercer to position the piercing as close to the scar as possible because I liked the position of my previous eyebrow piercing.

Anyway, using the same procedure as the piercer who did my previous eyebrow piercing, he pierced my eyebrow. It seemed to hurt slightly more than the first time I got it pierced, though it did not hurt a lot. The pain is what you would expect to get when having a needle put through your eyebrow! People who already have their eyebrow pierced will probably agree with me.

I have had my piercing for around a year now and it has been fine, I have had no problems with it. The scar from the previous piercing is still visible which is annoying. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a piercing is to think it through properly. If you do decide to get it pierced make sure you go to a clean, reputable studio and if you are unsure about anything, ask the piercer.


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on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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