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My first piercing

I have always loved getting piercings. I've pierced my own ears multiple times at the age of 13 I fell in love with the eyebrow piercing. My dad agreed to let me get it for my birthday, but neither of us having any experience in getting real piercings besides ears, we didn't realize we had to bring a birth certificate and had to turn around and go back home. It took my dad another year to bring me, but he finally did August before my freshman year in highschool. I brought my boyfriend Paul with me and I was so scared! I was so excited to get it but I was really freaked out. I didn't have an appointment so I had to wait a few minutes which did not help my nerves at all. The girl at the front desk told me James would be my piercer and he came out saying he would do it for me as soon as he finished "scarfing down this piece of pizza", and he went outside to eat. A few minutes later he brought me in to the room which was decorated with tons of posters of numerous bands. He washed his hands and let me choose what size gage I would go with. He showed me a 18g which I thought way too small but when I saw the 16g I thought it was perfect. He showed me everything he was going to use and explained how he was going to do it. He was making all kinds of jokes and talking to me about what kind of music I listened to and stuff, which helped my nerves a lot. My dad was convinced I was going to chicken out. Paul sat next to me and calmed me down telling me it would not hurt that bad (he had gotten a lip piercing about a month earlier). I asked James if he could count to 3 and put in the needle at 3. He said he would but he tricked me! He pierced at 1, and the needle dropped out at 3 and he put in the barbell. But even though he had tricked me, I didn't know he did until Paul told me afterwards. I could not even feel the needle go through, all I could feel was a sensation of heat. Afterward I kept asking if I was bleeding and James said no, but Paul told me afterward that I was a little. I'm glad that my piercer did these things cause it really made the whole experience go faster and easier. After hearing the whole healing procedure I went out and bought saline solution and anti-bacterial soap along with some cotton balls. For 3 months I soaked my eyebrow everyday with saline solution and cleaned it with antibactieral soap. It healed up nicely even though it hurt sometimes when i would bump it, and a few times I had a few minor infections that went away after a day or 2 of cleaning. All in all I loved my piercing. Everyone at school was absolutely amazed with it, not many people have piercings at my school besides nose studs or cartilage piercings. I was so happy I got it and was happy with it for a complete year. However after a year of having my eyebrow piercing, it got very very infected. I cleaned it for a week and it would get a little better but not much. I went back to East Coast Tattoo and James was there and looked at it. I was hoping he would give me some advice on how to heal the infection and send me home, but he told me that was it was rejecting and that I would have to take it out unless I wanted major problems and scarring. I sadly agreed and he gave me the barbell back. He told me it would heal up in about 10 days, which it did. He also told me I could get it redone. However I am now nearing my 16th birthday, and trying really hard to find a job. I decided it wouldn't be worth it since a lot of places don't let you have piercings like that. I hope however to soon get an industrial bar piercing. I highly recommend getting an eyebrow piercing if you want one, it doesn't hurt at all getting it done, it will hurt a lot if you bump it but besides that it is very worth it. However yours could reject like mine and all surface piercings eventually "grow out" and you will have to get them redone. I was very happy with my piercer and the whole experience. I still miss my eyebrow piercing but I am just glad I got to get it done and have it for as long as I did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: James%2C+if+i%27m+remembering+correctly
Studio: East+Coast+Tattoo
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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