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When I arrived at my piercing studio, it was originally for my best friend to have her cheek pierced for the second time. Unfortunately, John, the piercer, decided against it because of some important artery running through her face. Then, the inevitable happened; I didn't want to leave the place without having something done myself.

I spoke to the apprentice at the counter for a long time and eventually came to the decision of an anti-eyebrow. John took me into the room to sit me down and talk about it. He really was such a comfort. He double, triple and quadruple-checked that I wanted to do this because I had just made a somewhat on-the-spot decision. I told him I definitely wanted this done. So, he got out his little pen and marked my face where he thought it would look best. He said he'd never pierced someone in that particular spot before because it was right next to my left eye. He drew the dots so the bar would follow my eye line round the side of my face. I agreed with where he'd chosen to put the piercing and I was lain down to go through with it. It was a little bit scary to see a gigantic needle coming towards my eye but, sensibly, he pierced the skin away from my face so that there was no danger of my eyeball being impaled. I was also very reassured by how hygienic John was. He must have changed his gloves and washed his hands five or six different times.

The actual piercing didn't hurt too much, just what you'd expect. I had a look in the mirror and was incredibly happy with the result. Two nice silver balls beside my left eye, and the bar wasn't too big and wasn't too small. Perfect.

My first question for John was how long it would take to reject. He told me how happy he was with the result and that it shouldn't reject at all. He said that if it showed any signs of rejection I should come back for another visit and he'd bend the bar for me to reduce any risks. Everyone was happy.

About a month passed and I was still happy with my anti-eyebrow. Other people liked it, too. Nobody had seen it before and always asked no less than a hundred questions about it.

The swelling and redness had gone down in less than a day. It hurt to sleep on my left side for a week, maybe two at most, and if I accidentally caught it on a jumper I'd panic I'd ripped it out. But I kept it as clean as I should have and it didn't crust too much. John had also told me to avoid putting make-up anywhere near it. (This was difficult - I had a small white patch around the piercing for a good couple of weeks. Terrible.)

Everything seemed to be going fine until I noticed that the section of skin between the two balls seemed to be shrinking a little. I began to notice sides of the bar showing and immediately worried that it was rejecting. I left it alone for about another week until I decided to go back into the studio to ask what the deal was. I saw John and the apprentice again and they both said it looked good and that it was normal to shrink a little. (You don't know how relieved I was). So, I decided to ask if I could change the bar for one a bit smaller and John agreed and also changed it for me.

The smaller bar felt really tight and there was an actual lump where the bar was under my skin, which wasn't there before. It was sore to touch again and I really didn't know if I had done the right thing. However, I decided to let it be for a while and see how it went before worrying too much about it.

As the weeks passed, the section of skin between the two balls of the bar shrunk more and more. It never really ceased to hurt, either. I didn't really find the time to go back into the studio and, eventually, about a month into having the bar changed, I noticed a hole appearing on the middle section of skin. It was obviously under too much stress and I gave up my hopeless fight to keep my beloved anti-eyebrow. I was on my last legs and my piercing was in a good bit of pain before I forced myself to take the bar out. I'd also noticed a lump of skin forming next to one of the balls and it worried me greatly.

A couple of days after removing the bar, it was no longer sore. The worrying lump had gone down and, eventually, disappeared.

Three months on I have two little round scars next to my eye which is easily covered up by make-up. Scars from piercings don't bother me at all, though. I see them as a reminder of what once was.

I can't help but think that if I'd kept my first, larger bar then I'd still have the piercing today. I'm now considering going back in to see John to ask him for a re-run.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Nirvana
Location: Glasgow%2C+Scotland

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