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Boll*ck Brow

I say Boll*ck Brow because that's what my husband has decided to call me since getting my brow piercing done two days ago. He complained because we hadn't (apparently) talked it through. Well I thought that when I raised it weeks ago the fact that he didn't strongly object meant that he didn't mind. And since he doesn't seem to care what I do with my own money why should he care about what I do with my eyebrow? :-)

I had been thinking about it for a while on and off. It took a party with a lot of pierced and tattooed people to finally make my mind up. I was getting it done. I scoured quite a few piercing shops in the area but none of them really seemed to want my business. They were rude and dismissive in some places.. and smoking in others. If the piercer can't be arsed to talk it through with you then don't bother. I had read sometime last week on BMEZine about a girl who got a piercing done at Angel Tattoo and Piercing in Middlesbrough and thought it sounded alright. I decided to go along on Friday but had a few days to wait. I had been off work for 7 weeks (a nice long holiday) and went back last Monday. I'd had quite a good productive week and decided that the piercing would be a good reward for my first week back at work.

On Friday afternoon (after my last meeting) I went into town and straight into the piercing shop. It was busy. I thought I would have to wait ages or make an appointment for another day but when I enquired they said they could pierce me straight away. Excellent. Turns out everyone else was there for tattooing.

We had a bit of a chat about me having allergies to certain metals and she assured me that the titanium barbell I had chosen would be alright. I mentioned my naval piercing that was done 10 years ago and how I had never had problems with that, so was quite hopeful of keeping another surface piercing for a decent length of time. She didn't disagree.. but then I was paying her £15 for the experience!

She didn't seem too enamoured by my request to have a horizontal piercing done, but decided she would give it a go.

We walked upstairs to the room and she had me lie down. She must be the first piercer I have ever seen with no visible piercings! I wondered if she had dozens hidden away in private places but decided not to ask since it seemed a bit forward. She cleaned off my brow and placed the marks. I can't remember whether she asked me to check their placement before putting the clamp on, but I am sure she must have!

All this time I was feeling very calm, and it really surprised me. She put the clamp on and re-adjusted it a few times. I had expected this to be really uncomfortable but it wasn't. It was certainly better than having your eyebrows waxed! As she moved it around I could almost feel the bruise starting.

She told me to breathe in slowly, then out slowly. As I breathed out she put the needle through. Now I was expecting it to be uncomfortable and everything but I was amazed at how much 'detail' I could feel as the needle went through. I think I have very tough flesh because I remember the trouble the guy had who pierced my naval all those years ago (that's another story). It feels like skewering a piece of raw chicken with a metal skewer.... I think that's the closest comparison. Not nice. Certainly not 'pleasurable' as some people describe it.

She put the barbell in and screwed on the end. I didn't even feel that. There was no blood. No mess at all. I didn't even squint. My eyes didn't even water. I was quite impressed.

I stood up and looked in the mirror and was quite surprised at the great angle she managed to get it in at. It was a bit swollen though! It looked cool. I thanked her and went on my merry way to show my lovely husband. That would be a nice surprise for him (and everyone else).

It's two and a half days old now and doing well so far. There has been no gunge or build up at all. No blood or anything. It's still a bit swollen and there's a lovely bruise underneath it. I have managed to resist sleeping on it so far, which is weird since I like to fall asleep on that side. Apart from the new nickname everything is good. Maybe he's jealous.....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+nice+lady
Studio: Angel+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Middlesbrough%2C+UK

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