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The awesome eyebrow piercing.

Lets see, I am 15... I bet you could guess that I can be a little naïve sometimes but for a while now I have loved piercings and only one dude can do it for me. Since I am underage and my parents are too messed up to let me do it professionally. I go to the middle man. My good friend Collin. He pierced my cartilage a while back and that went fine so why not another one? After a ton of looking and pondering I narrowed it down to my eyebrow. I wanted a spiral but Collin said no because that would mean to piercings close together and no spiral to be found anyway. So I decided to get a regular barbell.

After thinking about the risks and what my parents would say if they saw it...I decided that I wanted my eyebrow pierced. And I knew just who to go to...Collin. He pierced my cartliage 4 months before and it's healed and it hasn't been infected or anything. Since we were going to see a movie, we had to find an excuse so that I could go over to his house earlier so he could pierce my eyebrow. He told his dad that my computer wasn't working and that I needed to check my e-mail. I told my mom that Collin wanted to show me something. So she dropped me off at his house.

I sat on his bed while he got the everything ready. While he did that, I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and mark where I wanted the piercing. It took me a few minutes, but I got it. I went back in his room and sat on his bed waiting for him to finish getting things ready. I sat up and I was kind of uncomfortable....I decided to lay down on his bed because it was easier for me...and him so that he could pierce me the right way. I wanted it at an angle that was a little weird for Collin so I laid down so that he could see the entry and exit points I wanted.

This time I wasn't as nervous because I didn't really have anything to fear...except infection. So I was laying on Collin's bed thinking about what my mom would say if she saw the piercing...especially my dad because he is such a hard-ass. I thought that he would yell at me.

Collin was ready and he showed me the piercing needle and kind of teased me with it by pretending to like stab me or something. Unprofessional of him, yes, but he knew that I was nervous around needles so he took advantage of it. But that didn't really make me nervous...

So he cleaned around my eyebrow with antiseptic, waiting for him to get it done with. Then he was finally ready. I barely felt it and it went right through unlike the cartilage. It was quick and painless. Apparently I was bleeding like crazy because my blood was so thin.

Knowing the way Collin is, he asked me if I drank anything alcoholic (which I didn't) then he asked me if I ate anything. He was being a smartass about it. But that was expected out of him. Then again that is why I love him and he was right my blood was awkwardly thin.

He used a barbell for the piercing and since the ball was so small, he was having trouble screwing it on. That took about 5 minutes. Finally when he screwed it on, he told me to look at it in the mirror but I didn't want to. So I didn't. He told me how to take care of it and everything even though I knew how to already.

When my mom picked us up to go to the movies, I was hiding it as best as I could. So I covered it up with me hair. Everytime my mom would be in the same room as me, I had to cover it up...but 3 days after I had it, she finally realized that I had it pierced and she was so mad at me. She doesn't like it, but what's done is done.

I think I slept on my eyebrow because when I had to get my picture taken for school, I realized that I had a nasty bruise on my eyelid. I had to take my picture with my hair practically in my face.

I went to my dad's house and this is where I was really afraid. He is a stuck-up jerk. When he saw it, he wasn't all mad or anything, but he just didn't like it and all weekend he would say, "You have something stuck in your head." That was really annoying.

I think that this is one awesome piercing. I'm waiting for it to heal so that Collin can pierce my eyebrow again so that I can have a spiral.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Collin.
Studio: Collin%27s+house
Location: In+the+town+that+me+and+Collin+live+in.

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