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R.I.P Eyebrow Piercing

So my experience started out like this...

I was 15, almost 16, and wanting to get my eyebrow done for so long, but my mom kept saying no. I kept begging and begging, but it did nothing for me. It drove me crazy. I didn't understand why she wouldn't let me. It's my body and how I want to express myself. What should it matter to her, ya know?

Well, one day me and my mom went to Ft.Lauderdale Beach. Just relaxing, walking around, looking at shops, when we came across this piercing place. Of course I started to bother my mom about letting me get one. I was throwing her deals at her. Like I'd wash the dishes for a month, I'd vaccuum the house every week, I'd wash her freaking car, and all that sort of junk that a 15/16 year old can do. But, like always, she said "No way in hell". So we went back to the beach, swam, and made nothing of it.

Not more then 10 minutes later, I was pestering her about it. After about 20 minutes of bothering her, she finally said yes! I was so happy. We ran to the car to get her wallet, and then I basically ran over to the piercing place while dragging my mom behind me(she didn't like that to much, oh well!). We talked to the guy, told him that I wanted my left eyebrow done, picked out the jewelry and got to it.

He told me to lay down and relax while he cleaned the area. Man, the cleaner stuff made me tear up so bad that he had to stop for a minute. After that he got the clamp and pierced it. He never marked it or anything. That showed how inexperienced he was, but me and my mom didn't know at the time, since neither of us had a piercing. The pain wasn't that bad, was merely a pinch. I bled a tiny bit. he told me to lay there for an extra minute and get up slowly to make sure I didn't get dizzy and pass out. I never got dizzy or anything. Yay me! He gave me a mirror to check it out and it looked good.

After it was all done, he told me the aftercare and sold me some aftercare q-tip cleaner things. I never knew how much it came out to. My mom told me it was a christmas present and not to tell anyone in our family that she bought it for me(my family is very close-minded).

Well...all went well for the first 2-3 days, it swelled up alittle and it bruised. The bruise was around the piercing and along the top of my eye, luckily it wasn't a really dark bruise. I cleaned it like he told me to and the swelling went down, and it looked good. I never touched it, unless I was cleaning it. It took me a week to get used to having it there. And to get used to seeing this little ball out of the corner of my eye when I looked up. I kept thinking I saw a bug, I was stupid!

Between the 4th month to the 6th month, it got infected on and off. Stupid me, didn't go back to the piercer. I started to get worried about it. Then a friend, who's an experienced piercer, told me to use sea salt and warm water and to clean it like normal. So I did and the infection went away. Though I'm not saying anyone should do this just because I did. Always ask your piercer.

It looked good, and I was happy. Then came the day that I ripped it out on accident. Ugh, it hurt so much. I had just gotten out of the shower, I bent over like usual and was drying my hair. The towel I was using had a couple loose strings, but I didn't pay any attention to them. Well somehow on of the strings got around my eyebrow ring without me knowing. I stood back up and pulled the towel away and out came the ring! Oh, my mother of gods! I couldn't believe it! After all that begging and finally winning, it came out by a towel. A freaking towel!

I did not know what to do. I never went back to my piercer to make sure everything was alright. I mean, what could he do? I ripped it out clean by a towel. Now all I have is this little scar there. You can barely see it cause my eyebrow covers it. I don't know if I'll get it done again. I'd like to, but I'm scared of ripping it out again!

R.I.P my eyebrow piercing, R.I.P. :/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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