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My First Real Piercing

So I got my left eyebrow pierced right at its peek about a year and a half ago, I consider it my first "real" piercing because I don't really think standard earlobe piercings are anything special.

Well I first decided I wanted one in November/December of 2004, when I was twelve. As soon as I decided on it, it was all I could think about. My parents worn't okay with me getting one at first, but after a month of negociating and fighting, they said okay. I didn't want to be stupid and go get it at some place that didn't need their go ahead, it just really reflects on the quality of the studio.

When I finally got thier permission I went down to the famous seventeenth avenue in Calgary, which has piercing and tattoo studios all over the place. I walked around and checked out the prices and condition of about five or six. One was really dirty and looked more like a truck stop bathroom then a piercing studio, and the last one i went to I knew was perfect. As soon as I got in the door I could smell sanitizer, the floors looked freshly cleaned, the glass cases of jewellery all dusted, it was very neat and organized and to be honest seemed abit anal-retentive.

I asked how much a brow piercing would cost including jewellery and the girl at the desk said it'd be sixty-five dollars. So the next day I came back with my mom, who filled out a form of consent, giving my age (thirteen by then) and all that.

She then lead me and my mom (my mom wanted to watch) to another room, which looked even cleaner then the front, and asked me to sit in the chair in the center of the room (which looked similar to a dentist's chair). She then layed the cotton swabs, disposable needle, etc. all out on a tray on the counter. She took a marker/pen/whatever and placed two dots above and below my brow to show where itd be, then placed the skin in a clamp, unwrapped the needle and pierced my brow.

I didnt hurt any worse then a really hard pinch, the actual feeling though, is something I can only describe as similar to the feeling of poking a raw chicken breast with a fork, if you've ever done that. It was a very quick process and I didnt bleed at all and I mean AT ALL, the skin around it was abit pink and swollen at first but no blood, which really suprised me. She gave me a booklet on aftercare and gave me the usual talk about cleaning and all that, then me and mom went and bought a bottle of bactene

I liked the ring being in there, but it felt weird when I slept and it kept getting caught in my hairbrush, so i switched to a banana bar about two months after it was pierced.

I must have changed the jewllery to soon though, because afew days after switching to the banana bar the piercing was really itchy and I thought it must have become infected. Now I didn't know that facial piercings heal much faster then earlobes, I figured I could take the jewellery out and it would close over for weeks. So I took the bar out for three days and when it wasn't itching anymore i went to put it back in, but I couldn't. And hurt like a bitch to try and put it in. I was bleeding, alot, I figured because she pierced it on a curve I was just putting it in wrong, so after two more days with it out I went back to the studio and asked her to put it back in.

She tried jsut like I had but got the same result, and I told her it had been out for about five days. She told me it's started to grow over, but was just starting in the inside. I was worried that I'd have to pay her to re-pierce it, but she brought out a duller needle and said that she can try with this one to break the skin, but if she couldn't she'd have to re-pierce it and charge me. But the duller needle worked and she told me facial piercings start to close at around 3 days, and that it was probably only itchy because of me changing the jewellery so soon. So I even though it was still itchy, I just left it alone.

I actually bleed putting it back in, which is really weird.

So it's been alittle over a year and a half now, and I still love it to death, I'd love to get more piercings and have made plans. I might get my lip done soon, hopefully before I go into tenth grade.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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