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My First Eyebrow Piercing

I had been wanting a piercing for a long time, and finally I convinced my mother to let me get my eyebrow pierced. I was ecstatic. She had agreed about a week before the piercing was going to take place, so naturally I developed some anxiety, but anyhow, 1 week went by and  It was time for the piercing. 

My mother drove me to a local piercing/tattoo parlor, that I knew ahead of time was sterile and a good environment. They're particular method of cleaning was an auto-clave.  I got to the front counter and before we went in back to do the procedure. The front desk manager went over cleaning and care rituals, and gave us a handbook about doing so. Then it was finally time to get the piercing. 

A woman took me into a small back room where I sat down in a chair that you would find at the dentist. She leaned back the chair. I looked over to see a metal tray with several different interments on it, surprisingly I had to search the tray to find the needle it was so small. I closed my eyes as the woman cleaned my eyebrow with the antiseptic after putting on rubber gloves. She then marked the entry and exit of the whole and then I was led over to a mirror to decide if I liked the position of the piercing. I agreed it was in a good place and I sat back down. She then  talked to me a bit about why I wanted the piercing while she prepared the needle. I closed my eyes feeling a bit nauseous from all the nerves that where bundling up in my stomach. She then took the clamp and pinched down on the skin she proceeded to poke it a few times before deciding it was good to go. After she did this she held the needle in position and said on 3 I was going to feel some pressure. 1...2...3, I didn't even feel the needle, all I felt was a bunch of pressure and my eyebrow get hot. She then stuck the cork on the end of it. A moment passed then she pushed the jewelry through (14 g. surgical steel, curved barbell) and screwed the other ball on the end. After this I took a look in the mirror and instantly loved it.  My mother after words said it hurt more than It felt and said she almost got sick when she watched it. I thought this was a bit silly seeing as how It didn't really faze me. After we went back to the front and  paid about 50$ for everything. During the drive home  my piercing was hot and extremely swollen, but I had to admit it was worth it. 

The next day my eyebrow was still very swollen and I had developed a nasty bruise from the clamp, which took about  4 weeks to go away.  

About 2 months after word, I had lost the ball to the end of my curved barbell. We went to another local tattoo parlor and tried to get a new one. They told me that my piercing was so deep they couldn't provide one and that I would need to get one from the same parlor I had gotten the piercing from. We shrugged it off, of course my mom was a bit angry, the reason being that it was my only small piercing and I had a dance in 2 days, and she thought that the bigger piercing didn't look appropriate. The next day we managed to get a replacement ball in time for the dance. Which went very well, if you where wondering. 

I have now had my piercing for over 6 months, and can now wear 14-16 g. piercings. I constantly get comments on it, and I love grossing people out with it by pulling it in different directions. I did have to quit JROTC because I wasent willing to give up my peircing, but that was no big deal. Im now thinking about getting a labret piercing. I am a little sceptical about the whole new study about oral peircings but, I feel like its a little bit overblown, if you keep your piercing clean and actually take care of it, I would think it would be a rarity to develope diseases from a piercing. Overall I would have to say my first piercing exsperiance was a very good one, compared to others, although my piercing was deep I love it none the less. My piercer was friendly, I had motherly support rather than moral support chuckles, and I definatly would love to do it agian. I would also love to get a tattoo but my mother says I cant get one till im 18, but I think I might convince her, wish my luck on that chuckles. Anyway Im constantly proud of my peircing, not because It sets me apart, but because It says something about me, and who I am. I think thats the best part of having a piercing. - Thanks


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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