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I got tired of waiting.

I'm real familiar and comfortable with diy piercing...handling the pain, sterilization, etc. Prior to this I've done my ears 5 times with safety pins no problem =) (yea...shut up). The only thing that could use some work is my lack of proper needles, but whatever.

A friend told me her boyfriend had piercing needles when I mentioned wanting my eyebrow done...but of course I couldn't wait for that. He's not exactly crazy about me anyhow since I'm in love with his girlfriend, so I figured it would be safer if I did it myself. Living around this part of ohio I don't know if the two studios around here will pierce a 16 yr old without parental consent, or if they're clean or reputable at all. Know your piercers, or don't let them do it at all.

I was outside, staring at my eyebrow in the window and decided it was time. (No no no...>dumbshit<. I did this because the glass was a mirrored surface. And I didn't want to be scrutinized by other people as I pierced it) Got out a 16g sewing needle, bactine, orajel, and a 16g horseshoe ring. After some prep with the numbing gel and bactine I took a deep breath and shoved the needle through, fast, so I couldn't psyche myself out by doing it slow. IT HURT LIKE A BITCH and freaked me out a bit....seeing a needle shoved through my eyebrow. Then when I tried to get the jewelry in I was hesitant to pull the needle out for fear that I'd have to repierce it. I'm always like that, leaving in the needle for a little, so it loosens up. Just don't leave it for too long. I remember hiding it under my hat and getting pissed at the length of the needle/hitting the hat/hurting like mad. Ugh. But it did creep out my friends and quite a few band parents hanging around the school (I had been skipping band when I did it...but that's another story). "There's a needle in your eye, man! Ew!" Haha...

I ended up removing the needle and shoving a safety pin in my eyebrow. It worked...except after a week the pin turned black and I figured I'd left a low grade piece of shit pin in my body for too long and it was now or never to put in the proper jewelry. As of now I have an 18g horseshoe in there...thanks to the small gauge of safety pins. As soon as it heals I'm going up to 16g.

As for the rest of the world dealing with it, my band director definitely hates it, grumbles everytime we have a game telling me to cover it up. Facial piercing isn't even allowed at my school, but its not enforced all that well. People kinda think I'm older at first glance because of my eyebrow...which is a plus :). My mom kicked me out for a short amount of time. Grandma's used to me piercing things on a regular basis when i'm bored or pissed off...and friends say it's hot. Especially the girl I'm in love with.

Going back to school tomorrow after break is going to be interesting...I've changed alot over the summer (5 more ear piercings, first holes gauged from 18 to 0 in 4 months, now eyebrow) but hey I'm used to suprising people.

I'm lucky it didn't reject, or get infected. The body is amazing in its capabilities to take all the shit we put it through. God knows I screwed up the jewelry and repierced it enough times...had a large bruise there for awhile but it went away, thankfully. Do your research. This wasn't my first diy piercing, definitely not my last. Don't do it drunk or stoned (although that makes for a nice feeling to tell the truth). Just be careful, and remember that in some cases your self done work won't last. I refuse to take it out no matter how much my mom/school freaks out, but that's me. Have fun =)

In a way, doing my eyebrow has boosted my self esteem. That sounds incredibly childish, but it has. People tend to take a side when they see it. 1) Oh no, another juvenile delinquent with body piercings...lets not give her a job. OR 2) Fucking awesome, dude!

For me it's an addiction. I already know what else I want...(industrial, nose, spiderbites, tongue, various tattoos). Control yourself. Your body can only heal so many foreign objects at a time. You also gotta think about the effects of body mod on your career...Its alot to consider. And if you ever get kicked out...haha...try really hard not to be listed as a runaway if your fucked up family calls the police after kicking you out. What an adventure ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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