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First, But Not Last Facial Piercing

I have always wanted a body piercing. One day I would want my ear cartilage pierced and the next I would hate it. However, after a while I noticed that my mind never changed about wanting an eyebrow piercing.

The school summer holidays were coming in a month so now was the time to beg my parents. I asked my mom and she said no. I asked my dad and he thought it was a ridiculous idea. This made me determined to get it, not as an act of rebellion but to prove the point that I really did want it.

I tried using reverse psychology against my mom saying that she let my sister get her navel pierced at 13, she would not let me pierce my eyebrow, and I am 14. She defended herself by saying that a facial piercing was completely different. I knew there was no way I was getting it done. My parents just would not give in... or so I thought.

I got my report card from school and I failed English. My mom told everybody that I failed it before even telling me. I was so mad at her. I did not talk to her for days. She apologized many times but I was still very upset with her. I made sure that she knew too. I hoped that she would let me get my eyebrow pierced out of guilt.

After a week, she said to me that she was giving me a gift because she felt so bad for telling everyone about my grades. I told her that I wanted my eyebrow pierced, that I knew everything about it, and that I would take it out at the first sign of infection. After two minutes, she replied "alright", but your not getting anymore piercing done until your 16". I could not believe my ears. My mother was letting me pierce my eyebrow!

We had arranged to get it pierced the next day at Raven. I chose Raven because a friend of mine had recently gotten her tongue pierced there and she was very happy with it. The next day my mom and I drove to Raven. It was half an hour drive. When we got there, I was very disappointed to see that it was closed that day. My mom promised she would take me there tomorrow instead. We drove home.

That night I got hardly any sleep. I just could not wait to get my eyebrow pierced. We left home early that morning. When we got outside my mom said "Is that it?" She had expected it to be different. It was a small flat above a hairdressers, and my mom thought that was a little funny. When we reached the top of the stairs Brian was there bandaging a girl's tattoo he had just finished. There were also two people in front of me waiting to get pierced. Both were getting their tongues pierced. While I was waiting, I admired the beautiful tattoo designs that covered the walls.

After about twenty minutes, Brian asked me to go through to the small room. My mom and I went in. He asked me what I wanted and I said "eyebrow". He told me to sit on a long leather bed. He set up his tools while talking to me about school and what not. He wiped my eyebrow with a sterile wipe, marked it with a marker, put the clamps on and PINCH. The needle was through. It was as fast as that. Before I knew it, he was putting the ball on the 16g barbell. He said "All done" and I got up and looked in the mirror. I instantly feel in love. My mom paid the money and he gave me his card with aftercare instructions and his phone number.

When it was two weeks old, I went on vacation for 3 weeks. I was swimming in the sea and swimming pools and this made it a small bit sore. In the mornings, hard puss would be gathered around the bottom hole. I do not know why but the top hole was never infected. I did sea salt soaks three times a day, instead of two, and after a week, it was back to normal.

In addition, when it was 6 weeks old I changed the barbell to a horse shoe barbell. This was a bad idea. It got irritated a little bit, so later that night I put the original barbell back in.

My eyebrow piercing is eight weeks old tomorrow and is almost completely healed. School starts in 4 days so I bought a clear retainer even though it is still visible. Overall, I was very happy with Raven and I will definitely be returning there in the future for more piercings.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Raven+Tattoo+%26+Piercing+Studio
Location: Coal+Quay+-+Cork+-+Ireland

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