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No, it doesn't go through the bone!

It was the summer before I became a freshmen in college. Just graduated from high school and having attended a school that didn't allow visible piercings, I really went crazy over the summer. As soon as I was out of the school doors, I got my eyebrow pierced. Soon after that, I got my nipples pierced. I also got a tattoo on the back of my neck. So, following that tradition, I really wanted to get something done before heading off to school. Call it a ceremonial piercing, if you will.

I also really wanted to get another facial piercing. I had my eyebrow and my labret already done, so I was going for something towards the middle of my face. After narrowing the choices down a bit, I had two options left – the anti-eyebrow or the bridge. So, after more consideration and more research, I decided to go with the bridge. I read a couple of experiences on BME and looked at a bunch of pictures. It was kind of a hard decision because I really had to focus on whether or not it would look good on me; I ended up just asking close, good friends what their opinion was.

After enough positive reinforcements, opinions, and advice, I decided to go for it. I'm not even sure if I made an appointment. I knew Vision Tattoo usually accepted walk-ins, and they had had my business plenty of times before, although I lived 15-20 minutes away. So, I grabbed the money and a few close friends at the time and headed off for Brazil (Indiana, not South America).

After arriving, we walked in and asked if the piercing could be done at that time. Luckily, the piercer Mike was there, and he said "yes", it could be done; he had the jewelry and everything. He let me know of the price and immediately left to set up everything. Since I was a smoker at the time, we all probably went outside and had a cigarette while waiting. After that, we went back inside and headed for the piercing room. Mike had me sit on the table. I felt like I was about to be operated on. I didn't know if I should lie down or just sit up. I didn't ask. Anyway, he pulled out a couple of bars that were of different lengths and held them up to my face. After he decided on one, he asked me if I thought it was of okay length and size. Considering that size and length had been two of my biggest concerns about the piercing itself, I was relieved that he asked this. Yes, it was okay, in my opinion.

Moving on, Mike marked the sides of my nose and asked me what I thought as he held a mirror up to my face. "Good," I said. "Go for it." So, he did. Like usual, the most painful part is whenever he pinched my skin with the forceps. Most people wonder if the needle actually goes through the bone. No, it doesn't, but I was worried whether or not I would have enough skin there! A lot of people worry about that, too. But once he had the forceps on my skin, I could tell there would definitely be enough skin. After inhaling a few deep breaths, I was finally ready and let him know. I inhaled a long, last breath, and while I exhaled, he slid the needle through my skin. Honestly, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. It was just a pinch as it went through each side. He easily put the ball on, cleaned the area around the piercing, and it was done!

I went out front, paid, tipped, and thanked him multiple times for the job well done. I had looked at the piercing in the mirror afterwards, but I just glanced since I was still experiencing the adrenaline rush. So, once outside and walking back towards my car, I really wanted to see what it looked like. So, I tried to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the neighboring store's window. I could see it, and it looked good. I was so relieved. To celebrate, we went to get some food!

Now, here comes the sad part. The bridge piercing is a surface piercing. This can mean one of two things – it can be easy to take care of and won't reject, or the complete opposite. In my case, it was both. The first month, I just used sea salt spray on it two to three times a day and made sure I cleaned it in the shower. If you want, you can just use regular Dial soap, but sea salt is really good for it. Unfortunately, once I got to college, I was so busy with my hectic schedule that I wasn't paying enough attention to my piercing. And my eyebrow piercing and my nipple piercings were technically still healing on top of that. It was a mess. Luckily, I was able to save my nipple piercings, but my eyebrow and bridge ended up getting pretty bad keloids around them, the bridge especially. I'm pretty sure my eyebrow piercing would have been okay hadn't I gotten the bridge, but oh, well. I ended up taking them out around Thanksgiving time.

Hadn't I been busy and had the time to take care of the piercing, it would have turned out fine. It really isn't that difficult to take care of. The main concern is whether or not you can deal with people's comments. I did get a lot of stares and surprised comments. Since I wanted the piercing pretty badly, I didn't care what people said. And it didn't really look that bad on me. All my friends and peers thought it actually looked pretty good. Once I got to school, I got a lot of people asking, "Oh my gosh, did that hurt?" But once you get past that, it can be a really fun piercing. Would I ever get it again? Probably not, but that's because I'm getting to a point in my life where I can't really be doing the facial piercings as much. But I will always be faithful to tattoos and the piercings I still have.

Anyway, for the people thinking about getting the piercing, make sure you research. Make sure you have the possibility of pulling it off, you know how to take care of it afterwards, and that you HAVE the time to take care of it. With that out of the way, go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Vision+Tattoo
Location: Brazil%2C+IN

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