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I think I found my home of happiness

Before you go any further, I want to admit up front that I fully intend to rant and rave about the wonderful piercer I found at Pierce/Ink. She's talented, experienced, and exceptionally down to earth. So, before you continue, you have been warned.

Like always, A year or two after my last piercing, I always get the itch for some more pretty metal. So after a good long while of deliberation, poking my face in the mirror and pinching here and there, I come down to either my septum or my bridge, and off we go.

We step through the door at Pierce/Ink and meet Sharrin. Of course I rattle off a few questions "Do you do bridge piercings" and she told me yes, and immediately warned me in a very candid but polite fashion about the perks vs. the down falls of having that piercing. Then we discussed the septum and the various ways it could be good or bad. She was wonderful and down to earth and after talking to her for a short amount of time, I decided on getting a double brow piercing on either side, (single on each side at first of course)

She sent us off to take a peek at the jewelry counter, and while my friend looked through the small gold hoops and capture bead, I asked her about the possibilities of getting curved bars instead of hoops through my eyebrows. She informed me that its perfectly fine to have curved bars to start off with and so off we went.

My friend who was with me came along to get her Daith done (and come to find out one of their piercers named Eric created the piercing and coined the name, nifty tidbit of info there) went first. After adjusting the needle a few times (my friend has very tiny ears) The hole creating ensued and according to said friend, went beautiful and even though its been five days and her piercings usually swell (in her ears) this one did not and has had no problems (and is very cute to boot)

Then Joy oh Joy it was my turn. I hop up on the chair and let her mark me. Beauty of it is, I have fairly crooked (though I like to believe not very noticable) features, and instead of doing a very typical thing that I have run across with piercers where they want it to be straight and sometimes even use a ruler to make sure that they line up, she adjusted the piercings so that they looked straight on ME. I thought going in that maybe I would have to tell her "Look, Im a little bit awkward...." but no, she did it wonderfully, and after marking it let me take a look in the mirror to make sure that they were looking good.

Then came the holes. Unfortunately there was a complication with the first one that Sharrin handled wonderfully. Im a new mother (three month old) and because of that my skin tends to close up faster than normal, and the type of needle that she used on me the first go round was having an issue, but she handled it well and she told me that my right brow would probably swell a bit, but it did not and it reacted really well and was only the slightest bit sore. If it happens to you, don't get freaked out, there's a little bit of fiddling and a little bit of blood, but Sharrins wonderful and it was far less traumatic than it could have been. The left brow went like a dream and she screwed the balls on the end of my jewelry and had me take a look. I was deeply satisfied with the entire experience.

To top it off, we got suckers on the way out. You cant beat that with a stick.

Here's a few hours later that night. I had Zero swelling and they are doing perfectly, even the one that had a minor complication.

Now Im liking the piercings a whole lot and I know that I at first wanted to get the doubles on both sides, but Im going to let these heal up and see just how much I like the singles by themselves before I go putting more jewelry in my face, but if I feel the need to get the doubles, Im Most certainly going back to Sharrin to get them done.

So Thank you Sharrin, you're my piercing Goddess Now!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sharrin
Studio: Pierce%2FInk
Location: San+Jose%2C+CA

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