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My first facial piercing

A few months ago, I decided that I was going to get a new piercing on my sixteenth birthday. Ever since then, I was contemplating on getting my lip, septum, or eyebrow pierced. I asked people what they thought would look best. I also researched every piercing to see if theyre all pretty safe. I quickly vetoed septum, because it seemed painfull and a little dangerous. Finally, when my birthday came, I made my desicion: eyebrow!

I waited untill I was 16 because I knew I was making a mature, responsible desicion. I remember when I was 14, when I wanted something new peirced every month. Of course, my parents wouldn't let me pierce anything at that point. They were still pretty reluctant as my birthday came up. Nobody in my family has any piercings or tattoos, so this was all pretty new to them. I explained to them what I thought the procedure would be like, and assured them that it was pretty safe. They knew I was going to do it no matter what, and they finally were okay about it.

I did all my research in the weeks leading up to it, just to make sure this was the right piercing for me. I read other people's experiences on bme, articles, and of couse the wikipedia entry on eyebrow piecings. I wasn't too worried about pain, I knew it would only last a second and then it would be over. I was more worried about my body rejecting the jewelry, as I have heard about that happening to a few people. My parents got me afriad about scarring, but I assured myslef that if I followed the aftercare instructions properly, I would have little to no scarring. I also realized that everyone's experience is different, so I might not bleed or scar (which i havent yet!)

Sooo, the day finnaly came!! I was more excited than nervous. I knew this was what I wanted pierced, and after asking all my friends and family what they thought about it, I was sure that I made the right decision. I was so determined to get it that it kind of felt like I already got it peirced! I was just so excited to finally get it done and over with.

I know of alot of piercing places in toronto, and I wasn't too sure which one i should go to, but I chose to go to way cool tattoos because I've heard alot of good things about thier work. Alot of my friends have gotten pierced there, and the shop looked really professional.

I walked in, signed some forms, paid and then went downstairs to get peirced. I picked a barbell because I heard it simplified the healing process, and I also prefer barbells to rings. The peircer walked me through everything she was going to do. First, she cleaned the area. Then, she drew where the piercing was going to go. I said I liked it, so she told me to close my eyes and then clamped my eyebrow(a little pinch, but not too much pain) and told me that the needle was going to go in. She told me to close my eyes the whole time, which was good because when the needle went through, the (very minimal!) pain made me squeeze my eyes shut. Then it was over. She told me she was taking the needle out, putting the jewelry in, and screwing the ball shut. I looked it in mirror and loved what I saw! My friends were happy for me and really liked it too. But of course, it would take some little time to get used to a new peice of metal on my face:)!! I left the parlour with a big smile on my face.

My friends warned be that my eyebrow would itch for a few hours, and feel like mosquito bite. Surprisingly, I felt no itch, but a little tingle now and then. Soon, I forgot it was even there and would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and remember, hah!

It's been two days since I got my eyebrow done and so far it's been going great. It itches sometimes, but then it goes away. I thought it would be very painfull to sleep on the side where my piercing was, but it wasnt. I'm really happy I went through with the process, and I have to say it was hardly painfull and really worth it! Now that I've gotten my first facial peircing, I'm thinking about getting both my nostrils pierced in the future.

If anyone wants to get thier eyebrow peirced, DO IT! Don't worry about the pain, because there hardly is any! Just take good care of it, follow the aftercare, and you should be fine!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Renee
Studio: Way+cool+tattoos
Location: toronto

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