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Two Eyebrow Piercings In One Setting.

I walked into Evolution on a Tuesday afternoon.  I had some varies alterations I wanted done that day including getting another eyebrow piercing and maybe stretching my lobes.

The shop was busy that day and Jeremy was nowhere in sight.  I filled out the paperwork and sat down with my boyfriend to wait.  It took about 20 minutes before Jeremy finally appeared with a young teenager and her mom.  They paid and left and Jeremy asked if I would mind if he took a little break and I said sure go ahead.  The girl in front of me had gotten 5 different piercings in one sitting.

I hung out talking with Josh and Jeremy for a while then about 10 minutes later, Jeremy said he was ready and lead me to the back room.  Josh was not feeling good so I went back alone.

The first thing I did was showed Jeremy my right eyebrow that I had recently changed to a barbell. Jeremy had done this piercing and he had pierced it to shallow. I was wearing a 5/16th bar and about half of it was showing, even though I only had it about a week. Jeremy offered to redo it the same day (not in the same spot, next to it) for free and I agreed.

I also told Jeremy about my Nipples and what went wrong and having to take them out. I ended up getting my ear tapering done for free from an 8g to a 6g after he pierced my eyebrows.

Anyways, back to the story. After we talked about what I wanted to get done and what I had to pay for, Jeremy took out my left eyebrow barbell and cleaned me up. I am not sure if my eyebrow had a small infection or it was just really sore but it hurt really badly when Jeremy took the barbell out. I was worried it might have been an infection and had Jeremy squeeze everything that would come out of it out. That probably is not the best idea, but I kept insisting.

When Jeremy noticed the stuff coming out of my eyebrow he offered to wait on doing the eyebrow and said it was probably the best thing to do. I thought about it for a few minutes while he was cleaning me up and decided to go ahead with it. The reason for getting my second eyebrow and now this first one redone was because of a huge personal gain the day before (not really wanting to get into it, but it made me want to get something done to symbolize that day).

After I talked to Jeremy about getting them both done anyways, he said he was determined to get the placement perfect and he got out a measuring tool and marker and went out my eyes. It took about 20 minutes for him to get satisfied with the placement of the purple marks. Jake, the new apprentice and my roommate, kept coming back to drop things off (he is only allowed in the backroom when invited and frankly I do not care, I know him). After Jeremy was finally done marking and after a dozen erases, he showed me when he was done with it and I was pleased to.

After the marking was done, I lay down on the table and got ready for the piercing. Jeremy warned me after this I might hate him because of the clamps so close to where the old piercing was. I told him I would not hate him but the clamps and then he did it, he put the clamps on my eyebrow. The clamps were squeezing where my old piercing was a little and the fact that it was either infected or really sore made it hurt ten times worse.

Jeremy was as quick as he could be with putting the clamps on and getting the needle. He double-checked the clamps placement before telling me to take a deep breath. I took a deep breath and in went the needle. It was a very weird sensation. The eyebrow I got done shallow had been almost pleasurable, but this one was the complete opposite. Pain shot through my eyebrow along with a burning sensation. It felt like he was squeezing and infection out of a piercing, which he was not, but it is the only feeling I can compare it to.

After the needle was in, Jeremy quickly removed the clamps, which made my eyebrow feel a little better. The pain was not as strong, but the burning was still there. He put on the CBR as quick as he could then hooked on the ball. The jewelry sliding in did not feel very good; it was like rubbing a sore spot on your body.

After the ball was on, Jeremy had me sit up and take a little break while he looked at my new jewelry to see how it looked. He seemed to like what he did and a few minutes later I was lying down again with a clamp hanging off my eyebrow. The clamp hurt again, but not quite as bad as the time before. The needle stung a lot when it slipped into my eyebrow and I am glad there was no one standing at the end of the hospital bed like thing, because I kicked my leg pretty high.

After the needle was throw the second one I was saying ouch over and over as Jeremy took the clamps off and put in the ring and ball. Placing the jewelry and the ball was awkward and felt like my eyebrow was on fire, I was so relieved when Jeremy stopped touching me.

After the jewelry was in, I sat up while Jeremy cleaned my 6g jewelry that I brought into the shop. He tapered my ears for me, which hurt really bad and then it was time to pay.

I only had to pay for one eyebrow ring that day because of all the trouble before and I was more than happy to pay that. My eyebrow and ears were on fire for the next few hours. About 3 hours later the both stopped throbbing. I have been cleaning my eyebrows with Dial and Sea Salt. I was able to clean them comfortably without to much pain about 6 hours after having it done. They still hurt if I hit them to hard, but I can turn them easily and clean then without too much discomfort.

I miss my old eyebrow ring to a degree as I remember how pleasurable it had been, but I love the new placement of these two. I cannot wait for them to heal so I can put in some barbells to match the other side.

To me eyebrow piercings are easy to care for and faster to heal but that varies from person to person. Mine only hurt so badly because I just took out a semi fresh one and pierced close to those holes. I suggest if you are going to do that, which you do not get impatient like I am and wait till the first one heals up.

Here is a picture of my new eyebrow piercings taken off my IAM page:

All in all I had a good experience despite that pain and would recommend Evolution and Jeremy to everyone. If you have any tips or questions feel free to email me and Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Evolution
Location: Lower+Indiana

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