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My Fourth Facial.

I love body mods. It doesn't matter what it is, a tattoo, a piercing, a scarring, it's beautiful in my eyes. At the age of 13, I got my first "real" body mod; snakebites. Pair lip piercings. I fell in love, the feeling of finally being part of such an amazing culture was wonderful. Since then I had stretched my standard lobe piercings and gotten a septum piercing. I was temporarily satisfied, but then that itch to get another piercing came. So, after browsing BME (such a wonderful website), and convincing my father (the more-or-less strict parent), it was decided. I was getting my eyebrow pierced. It was an automatic decision to go to the amazing studio where I've gotten all of my other piercings, Creation Body Piercing (if you're in the Thunder Bay area, go there. It's great). So I consulted my mother, and we decided we'd go on Saturday, August 5th. Saturday is walk-in day, so it'd be easier, not having to make an appointment and such. It seemed like forever for the few days to pass so I could go in. Saturday came, and I decided my friend Ashley would come with me. She's been to all of my piercings, and two days before my eyebrow, she had hers done, so it was really only fair. My mother took us, since I've yet to celebrate my 16th birthday, and my father would never be part of my piercing experience. So we get to Creation a little after 4pm. IT IS PACKED. I mean like, tons of people. So I go up to the desk, show the girl my ID, my mother shows her ID, and we sign the paper the girl gives us. Then she tells us the wait is around 45 minutes. I cursed, I was so pumped for the piercing, but what can ya do? So we burn some time by going to Walmart. We get back to Creation approx. 45 minutes later, and it's still busy. So it was kind of a "whatever" sort of thing. So we just hung around the studio for about 20 minutes until it was my turn. I didn't really blame the wait, Creation is the only decent studio in town. Matt says hey to me and Ash since we're becoming frequent clients. He then calls me in, and I happily skip (well... not quite) into the piercing room. It looked the same as before, very professional and sterile. A perfect, clean piercing room. I make Ash come in with me, and she sits on a table in the room to watch. My mother comes in too, and sits with Ash on the table behind the piercing chair. He asks me what side I'd like done, and if I wanted a CBR or a barbell. I go over to the bead and gauge chart on the opposite wall, and decide on a 14G CBR, with a dark green bead. I go back over to the chair, and he gets all of the equipment placed out on a table. Then he tells me to sit still, and he marks the two dots where I'll be pierced. I hop up out of the chair, and check it in the large mirror beside the door. Ash and my mother check it too, just for kicks. It was the perfect placement, so I nodded happily and sat back down in the chair, back to them. Matt asked me if I wanted someone to hold my hand, being the jokster guy he is, which of course I refused. Then he put the clamp on, which was sort of uncomfortable, but I didn't really notice. Then, as always, he told me to take deep breathes. Inhale... and on the exhale I felt a dull sting. The needle was in. My eye watered up a bit, but I just looked up, and he quickly put the CBR in. After he lifted my chin a bit to check it out, he smiled, and told me to look in the mirror. It was amazing! I absolutely loved it. I thanked him again and again, and he led me out into the lobby area and we paid for the piercing; about $47. I was also going to purchase some Electric Lizard Manic Panic, but they were out of stock. Such as life. Since the studio was still pretty packed, we left fairly quickly, and home to show my father, knowing he'd hate it. My eyebrow piercing is now two days old, and I love it! I bought some sea salt, and I give it a sea salt soak twice a day. It bruised up a little bit, and the ring is sticking out from the swelling, but it doesn't hurt unless it gets knocked around. If you want an eyebrow piercing, go for it! It's pretty painless and it looks really great afterward. Just keep in mind you WILL knock it around alot, no matter how much you try not to, but it's a small price to pay for such a great piercing. Until next time, Me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Creation+Body+Piercing
Location: Thunder+Bay%2C+ON

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