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First Body Piercing

I guess I should start by telling you that mine is not your "average" story. Until I stumbled across BME around 8 or 9 months ago, I didn't have a clue about piercings or tattoos. All I knew coming into this experience was that I wanted my eyebrow pierced, it was one of the cutest piercings I'd ever seen, and I wouldn't rest until I got it done. I'm not exactly your first candidate for any kind of piercing; I'm a sophomore in high school, from a conservative, preppy town. I usually make honor roll, I don't drink or smoke or do drugs (or as most of you probably think don't have any fun at all). My goals are to survive high school and do something with my life that will somehow make some kind of an impact on people's lives. But enough of this background crap, all you are reading this for is to hear about my piercing. 

So about 8 or 9 months ago, I started seriously considering asking my parents about getting my eyebrow pierced. They are cooler than most parents about most things- they aren't the type to sit around and get stoned with me or anything, but they aren't completely uptight or ridiculous with their rules. I started researching, and right away I came across BME. Immediately, I knew that I wanted a piercing. I read every experience that I could get my hands on, looked at pictures, checked out the risks, knew what to look for in a piercing place- everything possible and more. There were times that I felt like a damn encyclopedia; I could list the whole piercing process to you without ever having set foot in a piercing studio.  

Fast forward around a month: I finally convinced my parents to let me get it done for my birthday. My birthday is in September and this happened around January, so I guess my parents figured that I would get bored by then. Were they ever wrong! Very quickly they realized that this wasn't just a phase, but that I wanted this piercing for real. It took me forever to wear them down, but finally in the beginning of August I talked to the people at Evolved Body Piercing and found out what I needed to know. I was on my way to get pierced, and a month early! I was ecstatic. I called a couple people, but generally kept it a secret because I love to see the looks I get when people who didn't know see me and go "when did you get that done?!?"  

Walking into the studio, I was extremely nervous. This was my first piercing besides getting my ears pierced at the mall years previously, and I didn't have a clue of what to expect. As it turned out, we were in the studio altogether no longer than a half an hour. The wait was the worst part- I almost backed out, not because I was afraid of the pain but because I was worried that people would lose respect for me. Like I said, I live in a rather conservative town; and not only that, but the profession I want to go into after college is, unfortunately, based a lot on how people see you and how much they respect you. In the end, though, I went through with it. My piercer Kyle was awesome- he made me feel totally at ease, not like a little kid (I'm almost 15, pretty young I guess) or naive just because it was my first piercing. He walked me through the whole process, disinfected the area, marked his place, pierced me, put in the jewelry, and gave me instructions on aftercare. We paid and tipped him and he gave

me some written aftercare instructions, and we were gone. I have to say, my mom had more problems when the needle went through than I did (since I'm not 18 she had to come back with me to the piercing room).

I got it done the day before yesterday. I have to say, I've only fallen in love with it more now than I was before. I clean it two or three times a day with a sea salt solution and rinse it in the shower, and other than that just try not to play with it (which I'm finding harder not to do now that it's not so fresh). I've had basically no pain- even the piercing itself wasn't more painful, to me, than having my ears pierced- and there has been no "crusties" or discharge. Whenever people see it, I get one of two reactions: either "I can't believe your parents let you get it done! Did it hurt?" or "I can't believe you went through with it! Did you cry?" Either way, I am extremely happy with it.  

To anybody in southern Ohio looking for any kind of piercing, I highly recommend Evolved. They were amazing- sanitary, friendly, down- to- earth, and easy to talk to. As soon as I'm legal, I fully intend to make the two hour drive up to Columbus to get more done, either tattoos or piercings.  

This has been a truly awesome experience. I love my eyebrow and can't imagine not having it done. I honestly have a better body image now because of it, for some odd reason. And I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to care for piercing that will add to your features.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: Evolved+Body+Art
Location: Columbus%2C+OH

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