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Three days wanted

My 17th birthday had just passed, and I was sitting at my computer bored, trying to think of something to do. I had been wanting more piercings for a long time already, so naturally I figured out that I could go and get something pierced the next day - I had the money, I had the willing, so I was all set. The only problem was... I didn't know what to get pierced!

I was thinking about a monroe, but I gave up on that because my parents aren't exactly keen on body modifications, meaning they'd probably throw me out of home if I got that... so eventually I got to thinking that I could get my eyebrow pierced. I looked up pictures and read a few experiences on BME about them, and I thought it would be the right thing for me, it looks cute, and it's very easy to hide it behind my fringe.

I was determined to get it done the next day but unfortunately none of my friends could come with me, and I didn't think I'd be comfortable going alone, so I called my best friend and asked if she could come with me the next day. She said yes, so I was getting all excited and a bit nervous. I thought I'd have a hard time sleeping that night, but vice versa, I slept very good.

The next morning I woke up to find a message on my phone - it was my best friend saying that unfortunately she couldn't make it but she told me she knows I'd be alright going alone. I was a bit upset but then I just went like 'Oh whatever', got dressed and left home.

I wanted to go to Tattoo Vadim in the first place because apparently it's the best, cleanest tattoo/piercing studio in the town, but when I got to it, I felt pretty nervous and walked to the nearest store to get a bottle of water. Then I got out of the store and figured I'd better go to Tattoo 2000... The same place where I got my tongue pierced, I thought I wouldn't be so nervous, and I was right. So I got to it, walked up the funky stairs, and went in. There were a bunch of kids from some scandinavian country in front of me - apparently one of the girls was getting either a monroe or her nostril done. So I asked the guy at the counter if I should come back in a little while, and he smiled and said yes.

I walked out of the studio and went to the nearest McDonald's, stood in a huuuge line, just to buy a cheeseburger. 20 minutes were up so I walked back, ate my cheeseburger, finished the water bottle and then it hit me - I felt so incredibly calm, it was almost scary. I went back to the studio, met the nice counter guy again and told him what I wanted. He asked me if I had my own jewelery, which I didn't have, so he showed me what they had, and I picked a little, black 16ga barbell. There was a rather big choice - 14ga, 16ga, titanium, surgical steel, with metal beads, acrylic beads, spikes, but I still wanted the cute little black barbell. The studio's owner came out of her office and showed me some more barbells, there was also a very cute black one with spikes, but I thought that beads would be safer for now. Then the counter guy (too bad I never managed to find out his name) gave the barbell to Casper, my piercer.

I was told to sit down, and I still didn't feel even a bit nervous or anxious. I was spinning around in the chair while Casper was getting the tools ready, I honestly have no idea why was I so relaxed - usually when it comes even to taking blood for tests or something like that I totally spazz out, but not this time! So then Casper asked me on which side I wanted it. I said the left, and then he asked me if I wanted a vertical one, I said yeah, and asked him if he does anti-eyebrows too. He said yeah, and I told him I'd be coming back in a while to get that done. Then he marked the spot under the eyebrow, put the barbell next to it, measured and marked the spot on the top. Then he handed me a mirror and asked if I liked what I saw. I said yes, smiled, and then we were all set to do it. Casper took the clamps of doom. They were actually pretty much the most painful thing of the whole process... Then he tried to find the right position for them, ow. Finally he did it... then I saw him reaching for the needle. I was excited and I didn't even blink when he sticked it through my skin. I felt it, but it wasn't pain. It was this nasty feeling that you want to end sooner but it's nothing that makes you go like 'STOP ITTT!!'... so I was sitting there with a needle in my eyebrow waiting for Casper to change it to the barbell. It took him almost like a minute to do it, ouch. It hurt a bit when he was sticking it in, but as I stated above, nothing I couldn't handle. When he was done he cleaned it and gave me a mirror. I looked at my lovely brand new piercing, smiled, thanked him and went back to the counter... The counter guy smiled, said it looks great and took my 30 dollars.

Then I left the studio, went down the stairs and whipped out my compact mirror. I wasn't too surprised to see that the thing was bleeding, I knew that it's normal. I went into a drug store to buy some tissues but I couldn't find any, so I just wiped the little bloody-ness off with the tip of my finger, checked it in the mirror again and went home. Now it's stopped bleeding and actually... it looks & feels pretty damn great. It's spot is perfect - just where I wanted. I'm afraid it might be a little bit too shallow though, and it could get rejected, but even if it does, it's worth it.

My parents noticed it 3 days after I got it done, and I was so surprised when they didn't really say anything about it - my father asked me to take it out though, but he knew there's no way in hell I'm doing that.

It's been healing just perfectly too, I use antibacterial soap and do sea salt soaks, and there's no sign of infection. The only thing that bothered me about it was sleeping on my right side, because I've been sleeping on the left for a few years already, so it's a bit uncomfortable, but I'm used to it now.

Overall I'm very satisfied with my eyebrow piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Casper
Studio: Tattoo+2000
Location: Riga%2C+Latvia

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