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*Le sigh* the anti- eyebrow that wasn't meant to be....

My experience happened about 2 1/2 years ago, just so you know. When I was 17 and checking out BME's eyebrow section I came upon the anti- eyebrow section and fell in love at first sight. It looked painful to me since I was a virgin to piercings, but it also looked so damn cute and purty in my eyes. Upon a little further research (keep in mind I didn't do much at all) I found out it was a pretty quick and fairly painless piercing. SO I made up my mind that it'd be my first piercing once I turned 18!

The piercing studio I decided on was Laughing Buddha on Capital Hill, since I'd heard many good things about it and they frequently had coupons in The Stranger. So one day while I was out and about I decided to go for it, I went in and got down to business. I told the girl at the counter what I wanted and picked out jewelry while she chatted with 'Spooky Robert' who was to do my piercing for me. I chose a purple curved barbell (Don't know why they didn't have me choose a barbell instead of a surface bar). A few minutes later Spooky Robert led me to a separate room where they perform the piercings.

Once in the room, he told me he'd only done two anti- eyebrows before and that he was new to surface piercings. He chatted with me a bit to calm my nerves although I wasn't too nervous.

Down to business, Spooky sanitized all the needles and jewelry then gently pinched the areas around my cheekbone to see where the best placement would be then marked it with the marker and asked me how it looked. I wanted it at more of an angle, like a diagonal tear drop, he said it's more slightly more likely to reject with that placement but I was convinced I'd keep it till I was 40 (har, har!).

On to the actual piercing, keep in mind I have an average pain threshhold I'd say, it felt just like a hard pinch. The clamps hurt about as much as the actual piercing did. It was a little uncomfortable letting the jewelry in but it was over quickly. I looked in the mirror and fell in love it was so perfect on my face, like shiny purple moles!

For after care Spooky told me I was to wash once a day with Dial and Sea Salt soak 1-2x daily for 5-10 mins. He told me not to get hair product or face product near my piercing. So I followed his directions almost religously, sometimes I'd skip a sea salt soak here or there.

Of course when my parents saw my new lovely they flipped, told me I had ruined my 'perfect' complexion and that I couldn't go back to Capitol Hill without them.( Keep in mind I was 18, but still lived with the 'rents so I guess they didn't want to see it!)

When I went to school the next Monday, turns out another girl who thought I was her friend had gotten her tongue pierced. It was funny because I kept getting all kinds of reactions out of people while I was going about my business while she would stick out her tongue constantly, bitch about not being able to eat, and make a point to rinse in class in a vain attempt for attention. While I quietly did my daily thing and people constantly would ask questions and tell me how pretty it was. Sillyness!

Later down the line I think my parents kind of learned to respect me in a way since they saw me constantly caring for my piercing. I even got the feeling my Dad actually liked it. Despite all the attention, positive and negative, I didn't really care, I just loved my piercing, it was like an extension of myself, a work of art. Yeah, that probably sounds pretty frivolous...

ABout six months later it had rejected, it was popping out of my face and hurt so one night I just took it out. It left a lovely (sarcasm) scar which is now my trademark. I figured it rejected because I washed with Dial which has harsh surfacants ( I'm a soap geek), hadn't been pierced with a surface bar, and I had gotten a little lazy with the sea salt soaks down the line. Later I was told it was a pretty good run for it to be in but I don't know. All I know is that I miss it. Its okay though, thats why they make CoverFX makeup for scars and tattoos ;) SO in advance make sure you really stay on top of your Sea salt soaks when you get this done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Spooky+Robery
Studio: Laughing+Buddha
Location: Seattle%2C+WA

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