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Eyebrow Experience

I never really thought about getting my eyebrow pierced. I really wanted to get my lip done. But my mom thought differently about things. She doesn't understand the whole body mod thing, and is pretty against it. Thankfully my dad has a different outlook.

For christmas about three years ago, I got a gift certificate to Passion Fish (local piercing shop) and there was no way my mom could say no to a free piercing! So I thought about my eyebrow but that was visible, so I got a quick "no". My belly button was the only thing she would agree to because she couldn't see it. But I wanted something different, something that would make me stand out. After a lot of begging and pleading, I got no where quick. My dad had no problem with it though, so of course i go to him. And eventually he talked her into it. I was so excited! Once i got my tongue pierced i fell in love with piercings and body mod.

About three years after my tongue piercing, I was ready for another one. Not just any ear piercing, again I wanted something different. I thought about what I should get (and that my mom would approve of) and came up with only my belly button. But that wasn't good enough for me. So I figured I'd ask about getting my eyebrow done again. And i got another quick "NO!". After a couple fights, I went to my dad again, and he pulled through once again! I was soo happy to finally be getting it done!

I had about three days from the time I found out I could get it done until the day I got it done, so there was no "Wow, I cant believe it"..it was pretty sudden. I wasn't nervous at all. So, the day came and of course by then I was a bit excited, but still not like when I got my tongue pierced (which made me angry because i like that feeling). Okay, so we are on our way and of course my mom had that little talk with me once again about how this was "my last piercing 'til im 18". But i think shes getting used to it by now, she has even talked me into getting my nose done! I think i will go for that next week.

So we get to the piercing place and now the adrenaline starts pumping, and im getting pretty excited. Although the piercer surprised me, he was kind of rude. He didn't say much to me or my mom, didn't even tell me his name. But at the time I wasn't too concerned with small talk, I just wanted him to stick the needle in! I was very contempt through out the whole thing, I don't even think i flinched. Really its the same as any other piercing, all you feel is the clamp. I must agree with some of the other stories though, the feeling of the needle going through your eyebrow is worth it all. It was very different from my tongue, I didn't feel that at all, but this..it was sensational! I felt it all the way, minus the pain.

The funny part of this whole story is my mom's reaction to the blood. Yes, it did bleed, quite a bit. So if you're worried about blood, beware! But it also depends on whether you are a "bleeder" (which apparently I am). As he was inserting the hoop, he dropped it. I think thats why it bled, because he waited to get another one. But any ways, I felt something run down my face, and I was hoping it was anything but blood. I just kept thinking to myself "don't worry, its NOT blood..just the cleanser stuff". But my mom ruined that whole thought when she started yelling "Oh my god! I don't think its supposed to bleed that much!! Crystal, do you feel it running down your face!?!?!" And at this time he was trying to put the ball on, but by just the sound of my moms voice, and all her little sound effects, I could not help but start laughing! The guys was getting so mad because i wouldn't sit still.

It was great, by far my best piercing experience. And if you are considering getting your eyebrow done I highly recommend it. It is a very easy piercing. Most people say clean it with a salt solution or anti-bacterial soap, but can you imagine how hard that is? I've got soap in my eye about four times. And the salt solution, well I didn't notice a difference. I just use plain old peroxide, although I have been cleaning it like crazy. I just use a q-tip and apply peroxide to it about 5 to 6 times a day. Oh another word of advice, get it done on the opposite side of which you sleep on. It is a lot easier, that way you can sleep comfortably and you wont irritate your fresh piercing. I hope this helped some, and just don't worry about it, go with the flow!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Passionfish
Location: Tennessee

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