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Extremely Enjoyable Eyebrow Piercing

I had to stop by Evolution today to see if the owner Dave was in.  I have been looking for him and calling for the past 2 weeks trying to catch him, but he never came to the shop.  I heard that he would be in today, so me and my boyfriend swung by there after we went to Wal-Mart.

Of course, Dave was not at the shop.  Jeremy told he said he would be in tomorrow, but knowing Dave that could mean 2 more weeks from today.  I was disappointed, because it was time to get my Tygon on my wrist cut down.  Jeremy said he could do it for me, but since he was an apprentice, I told him I would wait and see if Dave came in tomorrow.

Since I was in the shop and could not get anything done, I decided I wanted to get a piercing.  I knew I did not need one, because I was planning my first tattoo that was coming up shortly, but I talked myself into it saying by the time I got the cash and the appointment came around it would be healed or almost healed.

I have been thinking about getting one more on my face for a while not, but was not sure what.  I have double Eyebrow barbells on my left side, nose stud on my left side, Bridge, Labret, and Monroe on the right side.  I knew I wanted something on the right side and originally I wanted an Anti-Eyebrow, but Dave (when I managed to catch him a few weeks ago) talked me out of it.  He told me how my long hair would get caught in it and the risks of it.  I was going to get it done somewhere else, but then my boyfriend Josh told that he hated them, so I was off to thinking of what else I could get.

I knew I should get what I wanted and Josh already told me he would support me if I wanted to get an Anti-Eyebrow, but it was my decision in the end not to get one.  After weeks of thinking and checking BME, I decided, I was just going to get another Eyebrow ring on the right hand side.

So, when I went into the shop today and realized Dave was not there, I told Jeremy I wanted to get my Eyebrow pierced.  I filled out the papers and handed over my license.  I was a little nervous; because Jeremy just started piercing on his own and the only piercings he has ever done on me were my ears, lobes and cartilage.

There was another girl behind me in line that wanted her Eyebrow done to, but I was first in line.  I followed him to the back room and Josh stood in the doorway holding all my stuff.  While Jeremy was setting up we chatted, but I had to shut up when it came time to mark me so he could get it even.  After I was marked Jeremy told me to lie down on the bed thing that looked like one in a doctor's office.

I was holding one side of the bed tightly and the other hand was on my chest so Jeremy could walk around without hitting me.  I was holding onto the bed and my shirt tightly getting ready for the needle.  Jeremy was talking and joking the whole time.  He got a pair of pliers and stuck them on my Eyebrow.  I opened my eyes when he let go and seen the pliers just hanging there while he got the needle to pierce me.  When he picked up the needle and came at me with it, I closed my eyes and held on tight.  Jeremy told me to take a deep breath and as I let it out, the needle slid right on it.

Now, I have had my left Eyebrow pierced twice before at separate times and both had hurt a little like a quick stinging sensation, but this piercing did not hurt at all.  For the first time in my 21 piercings, I felt pleasure in the needle sliding through me.  I felt the needle enter my skin and move out and the sensation was delightful.  I do not know if something was done differently this time or I am begging to feel less pain while being pierced, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed the experience.

After the needle was in, Jeremy slides it out and put the jewelry in.  He had a hard time getting the ball on and had to tug on the jewelry a little.  It is weird because the whole time I laid there I prayed he would not get the ball on.  It was an amazing feeling, I felt a little pain going through my ear as he pulled on the jewelry to clip the ball on, but it was minimum and felt really good.  After he popped the ball on, I wanted to stay lying there, but I got up slowly.

Usually after piercings I am hyper and full of adrenaline and talk a lot, but this time I felt soothed and relaxed.  I paid and Josh and me hung around the shop for like 20 minutes.  I enjoyed hanging out at the shop and talking after my piercing.

I have to say that this piercing was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  Afterwards, I was told that Jeremy did not pierce my Eyebrow very deep and it was going to be shorter than my other two on my left.  I stared at it for over an hour when I got home in disappointment, but I finally decided it looked ok.  I can always go smaller than a 5/16th barbell (got it pierced with a CBR, I find them easier to clean at first) and no one would really tell since it was on the other side.

Overall, I would do this again, even if I do not keep the piercing in this experience was the most amazing to me out of all my experiences.  I am glad I only walked in the shop with enough money to get one piercing, because I probably would have asked Jeremy to fill out my whole Eyebrow with the way that felt.

As for the Eyebrow piercing in general, it is a great piercing.  It looks good on men and women.  Not everyone has the same experience, especially like the one I had today, but for most people getting your Eyebrow pierced is not all that painful.  I would highly suggest this piercing if you are thinking about it.  I recommend Evolution in Indiana to!

Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions feel free to email me and Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Evolution
Location: Lower+Indiana

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