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My Anti Expierence

Six years ago I got my first piercing. I had gotten my tongue pierced with my own barbell for $35. Unfortunately I had to take it out three months later for work. It only took 3 hours before I wasn't able to put it back in. Three months that I had it done was all that it took for me to be even more intrigued with the art of piercing. Soon after, I got my lip pieced downtown and have been going strong with my piercings ever since. Currently I have seven piercings, and have plans for at least 13 more, most of which are surface piercings. I love the esthetic they have and how it makes me feel when I get them done and afterwards. Nothing else has affected me the way my piercings have. With the exception of my art, which I plan on incorporating into some new ink and piercings.

Six months ago my boyfriend and I decided it was time for some new holes. Between the both of us we have 16 piercings in total. As excited as I was I didn't have a clue what I wanted. Well I had an idea. Do not get me wrong; I am not one of those people who get piercings just because everyone else is or because they 'look cool'. I love body modification as an art and hopefully I will get to take on the piercer role soon in my future. I love body mod for what it is, for the beauty, the symbolism, everything! Although I do have to say that surface piercings are by far my favorite piercings of all. Corset piercings, chest piercings, neck piercings, ankle piercings.... I love them all!

We went down to try out a new place that a few friends had told us to try out. When we got there the atmosphere was great and everyone there was really cool. We took our time looking around and checking things out. We met the piercer and chatted a while. And of course signed the all-important waiver. I asked my boyfriend to go first so I could make sure I knew what I wanted. I was debating on getting either one eyebrow pierced two times, or, getting a cheek piercing. I usually take forever deciding on piercings. I just don't want to get something done and then decide it doesn't suit my face, or that it does not match well with my other piercings. I think I am so anal about placement and which piercings I select because I don't plan on taking them out. They are a commitment to me so I always want to be sure.

I knew I wanted a Monroe piercing which I got that same trip. I asked the piercier about some of the more rare piercing, rejection possibilities and what not. What he suggested first completely surprised me. The first words out of his mouth were anti-eyebrow. It caught me totally off guard. I had never seen anyone in the city with anti-eyebrow piercing.

So as it turned out I would be getting three piercings that day. A good day indeed! Both anti-eyebrows and a Monroe. I was in love instantly! After spending a good half an hour on placement I was ready. The clamps pinched a little, but that was it. As I lied there on the piercing table the only thing I could think of was getting them finished so I could check them out and see how they looked! Within fifteen minutes it was done. It was a breeze. The anti eyebrows were virtually painless for me, more like a pleasurable pain. As with all piercings for me the pain has not been that much painful as it has been pleasurable. Of the eight times I have been in the piercing chair this experience was the least painful, most fun I have had. Although I wouldn't say my anti-tragus experience was all that pleasurable. (Due to an inexperienced piercer and taking 10 min to do the piercing from the moment it broke through my skin on one side, to the moment it came through on the other side. Ouch! Alas that is another story all together).

Although shallow and a bit fragile, I couldn't have asked for a better set of piercings to suet my face and other piercings! And of course I got both sides done. Of the eight piercings I have had done, my anti-eyebrow piercings are by far the most interesting and happen to be my favorite. I am now thinking of getting another set of anti-eyebrow piercings done on my face close to the ones I have now. Possibly one above the other, or have them intersecting each other. Luckily for me, my body accepts piercings very well and my healing time is about half of what it normally takes. Hopefully it will turn out as good as I envision. I can't wait to get them done! When it happens I will definitely be posting the photos and a detailed story about my experience.

This is the story of my anti's.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Paul
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