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Eyebrow Ring

So, like however many people who have come across this site, I too am clearly infatuated with body modification. Not as much as I was though, but still, I love piercings. Tattoos are pretty too, but piercings were/are my "cup of tea."

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced forever. When I turned 15, I decided to wait until a Holiday came around so I could bribe my parents into letting me get what I want. So, after begging for a few days, they finally caved. My parents are pretty cool parents, but they don't necessarily adore body modification, so I considered it a blessing when they accepted my wish. Now since it was Only November and December was a month away (the holiday I chose was Christmas), I told them I had to have it done then.

My parents set up the appointment for Tuesday, about 4 days prior, at Alter Native in Orangeville, Ontario. I was to get pierced at 5:30, right after band practice. I was so happy. Then, of course, something had to go wrong. My friend, Katelynn, came to me and said, "your mom called my cell twice and wants you to call back ASAP... what if you can't get your piercing done!" I told her she was silly, but deep down I knew that was what the phone call was about. I mean, my parents don't even call when I'm out at 12 in the morning, so this was sort of out of character for my mom to call. She told me the piercer who was supposed to pierce me had cut her hand and did not feel she could do a successful piercing job. I complained, whined, bitched – acting as if it was my mother was at fault, but we both knew I was just incredibly disappointed. It doesn't help that I'm insanely persistent, and when I get something on my mind I do not let up until it's done.

So, you can only imagine, my parents and I were looking for other places to get pierced that night. My original, suppose-to-be-piercer, had said she would call back in a week, but that was too long! I mean, I needed my eyebrow pierced now... hello? So we found a place, Warren's Esthetics, located in Brampton and made an appointment for the Wednesday, at 6:30 pm. My friend Sondra came too because she wanted me to see me in all my glory.

I arrived and I had butterflies, but I wasn't scared in any sense of the word. My dad had to sign for me because I was only 15, and we inspected the place to make sure it was clean. My piercer then led me to the room where I was to get pierced. There was dim lights, and she explained the procedure to my father, friend, and of course – myself. I was all ready to get pierced up! But one little thing: nobody was allowed to watch, because she said it makes too many people nervous? I'm still not sure about that, especially in my situation, but I wasn't going to argue! My dad and friend left and I laid down on a couch, the exact kind you do with that white, disposable paper strip at the doctors office. She gave me an incredible massage around my neck to 'relax' me, but I just wanted the firggin piercing, lol. (I forgot to mention that she had already marked where I was going to get my eyebrow pierced, and since it was just on the arch of my eyebrow, it was perfect. She also had some kind of flashlight and checked my eyebrow for any major veins, which was a real relief for me (as I had a small fear, even though I knew it wouldn't happen, of myself getting paralyzed) I hadn't read of any place doing that.)

IT WAS TIME! She didn't even tell me she was really starting, she sort of just clamped my eyebrow and threaded it (the ring/needle) threw. I was thinking "Well, this is [email protected]^#&&^% irritating and annoying, just pierce my f%$&*(&^ eyebrow.", "All done!", I heard. I couldn't believe it. That was all? Pretty impressive, I must say. I paid (90 dollars, which is by far a lot more expensive than stories I have read on bme, but I also wanted a ring with this gem, which was 10 bucks more, and I spent 30 bucks on cleaning supplies.)

Finally had my eyebrow pierced!

I'll skip past the next 8 months, or however long it has been. My eyebrow is doing fine. I went back to her about 3 weeks after getting the piercing though, because I felt the 14-gage ring was weighing down and was too big, she changed it to a 16g barbell and it was perfect. Utter love! I still have minor problems with my eyebrow though every now and then, and it still doesn't even seem to be fully healed (occasionally oozes and crusts, but I do bang it a lot so that's my own doing..) but it's pretty much perfect. I always thought I'd just want my eyebrow pierced, but now I know what people mean when they say piercings are addicting. You start off just wanting something, and then realize you'd look better with something else. I'm still trying to convince my parents into letting me get a labret piercing, but that's another story...

So, all in all, If you're thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced, DEFENTILY GO FOR IT! It's a very good piercing to get if you don't have any major ones, and if you are responsible you'll most likely be satisfied. Make sure when you enter the piercing studio or wherever, you inspect. As anxious as you are to get it, you don't want to regret not waiting because it was an un-clean place. Be safe and happy piercing. (heh..)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Warren%27s+Esthetics
Location: Brampton%2C+Ontario

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