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Worried over nothing

My eyebrow was real first Body piercing I had ever done. But I did have my ears pierced for a year or so before that, I had my tries with ear stretching and I wasn't successful with doing so. But I have always had a fascination with eyebrow piercings and I was always worried about the pain and what if they fucked up (but who isn't? I can't be the only one can I?). So I finally got the balls to go and get it done. Even though in the end I figured out that it's really not that bad at all and it's really a walk in the park.

Well how do I start, late January around my birthday and final exams, I asked my mom about a million times to let me get it done until she cracked and finally let me. I had a few days I had to cancel the piercing because of a snow storm. I really didn't want to let a snow storm get in the way of me and my piercing but hey, if the roads are snowed in and the plows haven't gone though, or the sand trucks what more could I do? Then I finally went in. Back then it was called Custom Creations (recommend it anyone who is in Prince Edward Island if they want a piercing to go in and get it there). They're a very clean shop and have a comfortable surrounding and make you feel right at home while you're there. The night I went in they asked what I was getting done and I told them "eyebrow" in a sort of cowardice voice because at that point I didn't know what to expect.  He asked me hoop or barbell and I told him a barbell. He told me to sit down and wait a bit and he would call me back. The 5 minutes that seemed like 5 years passed by and I was being called back.

The room I was taken to was very small. Basically all the room had was a chair and the desk with the containers with needles and clamps etc. But it also had some pretty cool pictures of people with stretched ears a lot of tattoos. He told me sit down, relax and breathe because he knew I wasn't all that excited about getting it done. But after we started to talk he made me laugh, and more comfortable. He told me stories about how he had guys come in to get their eyebrow done and they cried. All I could say to that was wow I'm guessing its going to hurt; but Brody told me that no, it's actually not a bad piercing at all.

He asked me if I was ready to start, I told him yes so he marked me all up with the marker and gave me a mirror and asked me what I thought about the piercing, I told him it's great then he clamped me and checked it over again and then he started to talk again about anything to keep my mind off the piercing being done, but then as he was doing it I got the wierdest feeling of skin ripping. Now don't get me wrong, it felt pretty fucking cool. But it didn't hurt at all. The worst pain I felt was a sharp sting and that's about it. The jewelery that went in didn't hurt very much either, the pain from jewelery is very tolerable.

After the whole experience I felt very proud of myself and realized I was worried over nothing. My number one piece of advice for new people getting piercings, don't worry yourself to the point you can't sleep or it's all you think about, just go in and remember that a piercing will always hurt less then you imagine it actually will. But something else that should be noted, sleeping isn't very good the first night if you're a person who likes you sleep on your stomach. You are better to find a way to keep your eyebrow off your pillow because it will hurt A LOT!!! So, I found a way to keep myself on my back the first couple of nights and it really wasn't all that bad.

As the swelling goes down you're going to be left with a very nice piercing that will look ten times better than you thought it would. I also recommend you use sea salt and water to clean your body piercings. I find it heals it a lot better than baby wash. It might sting a bit more, but remember, your piercings will look a lot better sooner than using the baby wash or what ever else they say you should use. But that's only my opinion. So use what you like, and happy piercing to everyone out there. Go for what you like and don't listen to people and their bullshit about how piercings are stupid, pointless, etc.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brody
Studio: The+Tattoo+Shop
Location: Ch%27Town+PEI

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