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Though never done before, I can try?!

When searching your local area for an exceptional piercer, always listen to their body language because we know about different piercings of the body but some people that claim to be a "piercer" aren't as broad as you would think. This month has been boring yet penniless. Having no job sucks but a piercing will surely kick depression and self-loathing to the side real quick. Well, it all started when I needed $20 to get to my two interviews since I live outside of the RDU Triad area so I asked my aunt if I could hold $20 but she ended up giving me more.

Once, I paid for my cell phone bill, putting gas in my car, I had $50 left so I got the idea of what? Of course, a piercing! I knew that I wanted another piercing since I have my septum, tongue, and ears (including both anti-tragus of both ears) so what's left? Eyebrow and labret. I know that I can't have a lot of facial piercing because of my administrative background and experience so retainers can hide but so much of the piercings.

So I went on BME wanting to decide which one of the two looks the cutest on me. I saw this one photo of this girl with hers pierced so I said that's it – horizontal eyebrow. I loved the way it looked on the BME subscriber so I called my piercer autumn, by the way who is awesome, at Warlocks but was told that she only did vertical eyebrows so I was very upset because I wanted to go to her since she is the only piercer I want to touch me with a needle.

I searched the APP's (Association of Professional Piercer) website to try and find an APP member, like autumn, since I only want APP members to pierce me. No one in the area was an APP member (the nearest piercer was is two hours away) so I decided to call around to other shops in my local area. Everyone but two shops had heard of a horizontal eyebrow. I called one guy who would pierce my eyebrow for $30 but said, "I've never done it before but if it's the same as a vertical then sure I can try. I've never heard of anyone who asked it." So I quickly but politely rushed off the phone with him. $30 is a great price but as they say "you pay for what you get" and I don't want to be an experiment project gone bad for him.

So I decided to call No Regrets Tattoo who is the same company I buy my jewelry from on occasions since they are a little cheaper. I called and was told the piercing would be $35 so I told him that I would be there Friday 6/16 but mainly Friday night because I had a job interview Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. So a couple of days before I told my best friend Alex that I wanted him to come along because I'm a female – I hate to go places by myself. So Friday, I picked him up and we went to Burger King which is about ¼ mile up the road from No Regrets because I hadn't ate all day and I didn't want to get light headed so I stopped and ate then went to No Regrets.

When I first went in the lady asked me if she could assist me and told her that I came for the horizontal eyebrow. So she made a copy of my ID, I paid for the piercing, filled out paperwork, and received aftercare information. Thomas (my piercer) was busy helping some one else so I sat in the room and played scrabble on my phone to keep myself occupied. So Thomas came in about 5 minutes later and started small talk. He asked if I wanted to get it done on the left or right eyebrow and I told him it didn't matter to me so he marked the right eyebrow. Placed the clamp on my eyebrow and he told me to lean back and take deep breaths so I did. Then he pushed the needle through following through with the barbell and then after the barbell was in he tightened the ball on the other end. After that he sprayed something (most likely antiseptic aftercare) on the piercing. He told me the aftercare information telling me that I could chance the jewelry in about 8 weeks and to come back and see him in about 2 weeks to check on the piercing.

After that we let and I took my friend Alex home and headed home, myself. On the way home I stopped in at Wal-Mart and got some Advil for the pain. The pain is none what so ever which is great for me. Now I have to sleep on my back for now and not on my stomach like I usually do because of the piercing. The whole piercing process was great and I can't complain. As aftercare, I'm using Satin anti-microbial skin cleaning. Cleaning my eyebrow twice a day, rinse, and gently patting dry and following that by using Xpression piercing aftercare antiseptic healing and cleaning rinse (which is a spray) that taste and smells good unlike most aftercare products.

Thomas started to tell me to use a salt-water solution but said to use what I've been using since all my previous piercings look exceptionally great so to keep what I was doing. It's awesome, I love it and it's incomparable to me and only me. Yes, everyone else has their eyebrow pierced but mine is different because it means more to me then just another piercing. In an indirect way it helps me take care of myself, by taking Zinc to boost my immune system also. Soon, I shall have my labret pierced and I'll let you guys know. Happy Piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Thomas
Studio: No+Regrets+Tattoo
Location: Raleigh%2CNC

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