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Eyebrow Piercing

I did a lot of researching piercings before I decided to take the next step: choosing a professional piercer. Most everywhere I looked said it's a plus if the piercer is a member of the APP, because they have high sterilization procedures. Sine I'm very afraid of germs/bacteria I really wanted my piercer to be one of the members of that orginization.

Through the APP I located a piercing studio called Anomaly. The APP has a list of their piercers that are in the area. You can find them by state, or bye zip code. This website was very useful for me because I was then able to find Anomaly,which wasn't too far from me. I looked on their official website and liked what I seen.

One day we (Brother, Sister, Friend, and I) decided to just up and go. We found the shop easily, but that's when the fear set in. I knew that I was going to get the piercing, but It hadn't actually set in until I seen the shop in person. My first piercing was a few feet away from me, and I was walking towards it.I was scared of what was to come. I had never been pierced before, and although I know I tolerate pain alright, I was still afraid. I couldn't try and even picture what type of pain there was going to be to tolerate. I decided to get my eyebrow done. I had heard they weren't painful, and It would be my introduction to the piercing world.

When I walked into Anomaly, all the fear of the business vanished. The blue and green theme was very homely and I felt comfortable. I still had the fear of getting the piercing, but fear of the business would no longer be there. Besides the color theme of the business, the paintings and artwork are very unique. It's nice to get lost in looking at your surroundings. It takes away most of the fear you may have had.

There were a few clients a head of us, but the time went by fast, because I had some family and a friend with me.We ended up b/sing the wait away. My brother went first and was done considerably fast. It was soon my turn to go up. I told Sque3z that I wanted an eyebrow piercing, and that I wanted it to be a barbell for the jewellery. He said ok and got everything into the autoclave. During the wait I had a lot of tension, but I tend to get anxious for everything.

When he started to mark the places I closed my eyes; I don't enjoy people being close to me and it's very uncomfortable for me, so the best thing was to shut them. He started to get all the equipment together, and he measured something, but my nerves were too shot to pay that much attention. He had me do the inhale/exhaling and told me to hold my breath when I inhaled one time. It is then that he pierced my eyebrow. It wasn't more than a small pinch. It didn't hurt like I had thought, but all the nerves set me up for something way worse, something that never came. Sque3z put the barbell in and went over some aftercare with me. The whole ordeal was over, and it wasn't even enough to call it an ordeal, afterall.

Considering the piercing part, the actual needle entering/exiting my flesh wasn't bad. The only thing that got irritating was when he was putting the jewellery in. It was a bit uncomfortable, plus he had a hard time getting the balls on the barbell.

It's been about a month and 2 weeks since I got it, and it seems to be healing perfectly. I have gotten it caught once, and it got somewhere sore afterwards, but that went away. I've tried to be very careful when I put my t-shirts on or take them off. I'm currently still using the sea salt soaks. Everything looks to be perfect; the whole experience, including the piercer. I won't go to any other piercer, now.

If you are in the area of Pasadena I'd say that Anomaly is the best place to go. They make you feel very comfortable, it's a home-like environment. THe customer service is nice, and the people there are very polite. I was intimidated that the piercers would be mean or something. I was really wrong about that. Sque3z tries to make you more comfortable through conversation, which works. One of my favorite parts was the fish inside the bathroom. I liked that aquarium on the wall. I think I forgot I was in the bathroom and spent a lot of time just observing the fish in its' habitat.

If you're considering getting a piercing, you should just go for it. It's not half as bad as what you'd expect.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sque3z
Studio: Anomaly+Body+Piercing
Location: Pasadena

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