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The Piercing I Longed To Get

Around 4 months ago I wanted my eyebrow pierced, but the typical parenting role, my parents said no. I pleaded and pleaded that I wanted it done but still they said no.

I was on BMEzine 24/7 researching about eyebrow piercings.. looking at how much they hurt and how bad for you they are. Even at school I was researching. No matter how bad some people made it out to be I still wanted it done. My boyfriend went up to someone that had their eyebrow pierced and asked whether it hurt. The Man said no but it does hurt when it gets ripped out and when you get it re-pierced. She'd always say to me "How can you get your eyebrow pierced when you can't even get your ears pierced again" My Dad would always say No.

So for around a month, I begged and begged still the same answer. NO. After constant asking my mum finally gave in. To her she was glad I was saying i wanted my eyebrow pierced and nothing else or for me to say I was pregnant.

So on that weekend myself and my boyfriend went to the tattoo place and looked at how much it cost. I was suprised at how cheap it was £25. I thought that was cheap as Labret piercings were £20 and nipple piercings were £25. I looked around the waiting room and peered through the door. It all seemed fine. So we left to talk to my mum. She said as soon as soon as I get the money i can get it done.

A few days later. Must have been a Tuesday, My boyfriend said to me "I have the money" So the next day we went to the tattoo shop/place.

I Was sat on the chair thinking "Is this going to hurt" The lady came over to me and showed me everything was sterile. She put her gloves on and cleaned the area. She marked it out on my left eyebrow as it would be covered by my hair and would be hidden for school and asked if i was ok with the placement. Me being me i didn't really care where it was. So that was that. She clamped the skin and sprayed a numbing spray on my eyebrow which numbed my eyebrow completely. Then I Felt a pain enough to make your eyes water. I felt a lot of blood run down my face but that was only because I was nervous and didn't really eat well that day. Then all of a sudden the piercer says "thats it". I was thinking wow...i thought that would have hurt more.

I was told how I should clean it and what with. I was told to clean it two or three times a day with diluted mouth wash. At first i cleaned it with tissues and that did do the job well. But my mum went out and bought me some cotton buds. They are even better. After 4 weeks of constant cleaning I went back to see if it was healed and to see if i could have the BCR taken out and exchanged for one of my barbells. The piercer said that it looked really nice and she put the barbell in for me free of charge. It was quite hard to sleep because I usually lay on my side with my eyebrow which has the piercing on the pillow but i had to teach myself to sleep on my other side. Now i can sleep flat on my face is i wanted to.

If your afraid of needles don't worry about this. Its alot less painfull than having a jab at the doctors. And I'm saying this and I'm quite bad with needles.

It never hurts. It only hurts when you do bash it or catch it on a wire but otherwise..If your thinking of getting one...I say go ahead..You won't regret it. You may regret it for a few days but after that it's fine.

I'm hoping to next year get my right eyebrow pierced. Now I know how much it doesn't hurt I will probably get it done many times.

However I do advise that if you have enemies make sure they don't find out about your eyebrow being pierced as the only problem is, it's a good reason to start a fight and win it.

You cannot feel it inside without touching it. You can get a retainer for work or school and noone would be able to see it their as it just looks normal like two little dots on your eyebrow, Which is quite handy if you have a strict school or job.

Well I hope my experience can/will help you decide whether you want your eyebrow pierced or not.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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